5 Day Trip Ideas for Seniors

Day trips are like medicine for the soul. If you’re feeling down or just a little stir-crazy, maybe it’s about time for you to go and explore your own city and discover some new things that you haven’t even heard of before. Day trips take little planning because all of you have to do is walk out your door and BAM! Your trip has started. For seniors receiving in-home care in Richmond, VA, there are tons of different places to see in this wonderful city.

  1. Visit the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.
  2. Commonly known as VMFA, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is actually one of the biggest art museums in the entirety of North America. If you miss out on this one, you’re going to be missing out on absolutely amazing art pieces that can’t be found anywhere else in the country! Make this museum a priority on your next day trip in Richmond.

  3. Get some shopping done in Downtown Richmond.
  4. >Full of fantastic restaurants, bars, and outdoor space, Downtown Richmond is sure to offer something to for any senior out there. You’re going to love either spending an afternoon or an entire day wandering the beautiful streets of this great Virginian city.

  5. Explore our history at the American Civil War Museum.
  6. If you’re interested in the early history of our country, specifically the time during the Civil War, this is a must-see on your next day trip in Richmond. The American Civil War Museum has preserved various historical artifacts from the Confederacy and from the Civil War in general.

  7. Enjoy the beauty of Maymont.
  8. Maymont is a Victorian estate comprising around 100 acres of land that offers visitors the chance to experience the high life of the late 1800s and early 1900s. The Maymont Mansion, a gigantic complex in the middle of the estate, is now a historic museum that you can enjoy after exploring the breathtaking gardens surrounding it.

  9. Geek out at the Science Museum of Virginia.

If you love learning new things or anything about science, a stop by the Science Museum of Virginia sounds perfect for you! With tons of interactive exhibits and an aquarium, you can easily spend hours exploring and expanding what you know about the world. Don’t miss out!

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