Which Exercises are Good for Dementia Patients?

Dementia comes with a variety of challenges in life associated with behavior, memory, mobility and more. It creates problems not only for the patient but also for their families. However, participating in various activities, and exercising regularly can help dementia suffering seniors deal with such challenges. But, not many know which exercises are good for dementia patients.

If you also care for an aging loved one, who suffers from dementia, then encourage them to go for following workouts.

Walking – It is a great workout for older adults, who suffer from dementia. Daily walks can help them stay healthy, active and fit. And, they don’t have to set time aside for walking specifically. Instead of driving, they can walk to nearby places to shop or to run errands. It may also ease their urge to wander. However, a loved one can accompany seniors if necessary due to their memory problems.

Gardening – Spending time in garden, caring for plants can have a positive effect on dementia patients’ physical and mental health. Many people don’t realize it, but gardening is a good workout. It requires lots of picking up things, digging, weeding, pruning, and mowing grass. It gives seniors something to focus on and to be proud of.

Swimming – When done under supervision, swimming is a good exercise for older adults, who suffer from dementia. It can soothe and relax them, while providing a good workout. Swimming is also linked with improved flexibility, and balance, which in result increases mobility.

Cycling – Dementia patients can also opt for cycling as an exercise option. It is known to improve balance, and fitness. However, a caregiver or family member can cycle alongside them if necessary.

Encourage senior to go for these workout options. However, they may need you care and support in it. When caring for a dementia suffering aging loved one, you may need assistance too. Hire dementia care providers from Always Best Care in Arlington, and nearby areas in Virginia. Call today at (703) 348-6282.

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