What Seniors Can Do To Settle In An Assisted Living Community?

Is your senior moving to an Assisted Living community? Is your loved one prepared for the transition? Settling into a new place, an unfamiliar one at that, can be difficult for seniors. It will be an adjustment for sure, but there are ways to settle in Assisted Living easily. Here are some tips.

Personalize the room – Take family and friends’ pictures, belongings to personalize your room at Assisted Living. You will feel more like home at the community with your prized possessions. To make this happen, you should start packing well in advance. Last minute preparations only increase stress. Make a list of the things you can take and want in your room, so that you don’t have to make the last minute decision to ditch something you love dearly. Many Assisted Living communities in Arlington allow residents to keep their pets with them. So if you can, then take your beloved pet with you.

Socialize – Start socializing and meeting residents at the Assisted Living. Making new friends and mingling will take the edge off of moving to a new place. With new friends, your stress level will trim down too.

Stay occupied – Not going out of the room, avoiding people and remembering the good old days sure sounds tempting. But it will only stress you out more. Go out and take part in activities organized at the community. Stay occupied, indulge in your hobbies, talk to other residents and explore. Don’t let your idle mind become devil’s workshop.

Positivity is your friend – Stay positive no matter the circumstances. Go easy on yourself and congratulate yourself even for the smallest victories. Keeping your composure will help you adjust better.

And, get familiar with the staff, ask questions and learn the ropes.