How Can You Help Senior Maintain Good Oral Health?

Oral health is essential for everyone, and older adults are no different. Unfortunately, not many seniors pay attention to oral hygiene, which puts them at the risk of various diseases including gun disease and tooth decay. If you too are worried about your aging loved one’s oral health, then following are the ways you can help them.

Take them for regular dental tests – Make sure to take your aging loved one for regular dental checkups to ensure they have no teeth related issues. With regular tests, you can ensure that if there is any issue, it is detected before it gets worse. Make sure seniors get proper treatment including full or partial dentures, if necessary.

Help them maintain a healthy diet – You should help your loved one maintain a healthy and well balanced diet. Go grocery shopping with them and help them choose nutritious food items that are high in fiber and other nutrients. If senior struggles with mobility, then help them with meal preparations. A healthy diet can ensure good oral health.

Put some rules in place – You should encourage senior to maintain good oral healthy by putting some rules in place. Make sure they brush twice a day. Make rules about eating certain foods to ensure senior is protected from any dental issues.

Help them quit smoking – You should help your aging loved one quit the bad habit of smoking. This habit not only damages teeth, but also increases the risk of various diseases. Encourage senior to quit smoking to reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Help your loved one as much as you can in maintaining oral hygiene and good health. In your absence, hire caregivers to care for them. Get in touch with experts at Always Best Care and get in home senior care providers in Arlington. Call at (703) 348-6282 to schedule a care consultation today.

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