Understanding your Banking Needs

If you suddenly find yourself a widow and you were never good at handling finances, it can be a confusing time. While it is always more desirable to handle your finances on your own, there comes a time when it is recommended to have a relative or a professional from an in-home care service help you.

Save Money

It might seem strange to save money on your banking, but if not handled correctly, your banking could cost you hundreds of dollars every month.

  • Talk to the bank – Talk to your bank representative about the best account for your needs. Try to find no fee accounts. Several banks offer these accounts for senior citizens or for everyone that maintains a certain balance in their account on a monthly basis. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts or fee waivers to ensure that you get a deal that you can afford.
  • Call your credit card companies – Always negotiate your interest rate with your credit card companies. You never know when your rate can be lowered until you ask. These conversations can get lengthy and confusing, making it a good idea to have an in-home caregiver with you to help you understand and remember everything.

If you ever have any questions about your banking needs or what you are being charged, always consult with a trusted relative or professional home caregiver to help you understand your needs and get the best deals.

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