The Healing Powers of Music

Scientists have made remarkable discoveries that are changing how senior diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, are treated. One of these discoveries may sound unbelievable, but it has been proven to be extremely effective. That discovery is how music affects the symptoms of neurological diseases. Always Best Care is a leading provider of senior care Woodlands TX seniors count on to share medical discoveries that can improve their lives.

Music Brings Back Memories

Researchers have discovered that seniors who were exposed to music were able to recall memories from their younger years. Music is capable of making us feel emotion, which is why people respond to it so well. The way that music helps us to recall memories is through stimulating the brain and causing several parts of the brain to become reawakened.

Singing Boosts the Brain

Singing is therapeutic and it offers phenomenal neurological healing properties to seniors. In addition to helping with memory recollection, seniors noticed many other benefits when they participated in singing groups. These benefits are rather astounding and are why ABC encourages seniors to sing every day.  ABC is a reputable provider of in home care Woodlands TX residents trust to encourage their senior loved ones to become active in beneficial treatments such as music therapy.

Three Reasons Seniors Should Sing Every Day

  1. Singing improves enunciation and projection, which helps seniors communicate better. In addition to improved communication, singing also helps boost self-confidence and well-being, giving seniors the chance to enjoy a higher quality of life.
  2. Singing also offers several physical benefits. Participants of singing groups experienced an improvement in their posture, breathing, and eyesight. These seniors also felt better and made fewer necessary hospital visits.
  3. Most seniors that participated in singing groups noticed an increased desire to be around other people. Some older people start to shut others out when they suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia. Singing helps seniors make and maintain important social connections.

For Excellent Elderly Care Woodlands TX Residents Turn to Always Best Care

When looking for a provider of in home care for a senior loved one, be sure to choose one with a stellar reputation. Always Best Care is an award winning elderly care provider and also offers referrals to reputable facilities that provide assisted living Woodlands TX residents can trust. For a free consultation contact Kelly Britton today at (823) 585-1941 or email: [email protected]

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