Six Strategies to Increase Communication with Individuals with Hearing Loss

How many Americans do you think suffer from hearing loss? 100,000? 1 million? Try 30 million on for size. That’s right-approximately 10% of the entire American population is dealing with hearing loss on a daily basis. Are you in that group? Even if you’re not, there’s a good chance that someone you love is. If your senior is receiving in-home care in The Woodlands and is having trouble hearing, speak with his or her Caregiver about implementing the following strategies to improve the communication with him or her.

Visit a Medical Expert

Many people have varying cases of hearing loss, which can range from mild cases to more severe ones. This can only be diagnosed by a qualified audiologist, so make sure to make an appointment with one as soon as possible in order to get the best treatment options for your senior.

Go Online for Advice

With the sheer number of people who are facing hearing loss on a daily basis, the Internet is chock full of resources for you to take advantage of. See what forums are out there and what advice people have to offer.

Introduce the Topic of Conversation

When you speak with your senior and are about to start a long conversation, be sure to introduce the topic before you get into everything. Most of the time, your senior might not be able to fill in the blanks for details that he or she doesn’t hear. This may be easier to do if the topic of conversation is established beforehand.

Think Before You Speak

Be sure to think before you speak with your senior. You should have an idea of what you’re going to say so that your message is delivered as clearly as possible.  You should also think of the best way to approach your senior ahead of time. Is he or she watching TV right now? If so, will he or she be able to hear what you say, or should you turn the TV off first?

Limit External Noise

Many times, your senior might not hear you at first because there is too much external noise going on. Be sure to limit that noise before speaking; this will increase the chances that he or she is going to hear you.

Ask Questions

Be open to having a conversation with your senior about his or her hearing loss. What does he or she desire out of a treatment? What concerns does he or she have?

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