Senior-Proofing the Stairs

People who are 65 years old and older are more likely to suffer from falling accidents. In fact, a study shows that one third of the senior population visit the emergency room each year due to falling accidents.

Stairs are one of the biggest threats to the quality of life of older individuals. Elderly care Woodlands TX specialists know that a serious fall can affect the physical and emotional well-being of an elderly person permanently. With the cost of medication and hospital procedures these days, they believe that households with seniors should invest in equipment that will keep their elderly loved ones safe.

Senior-Proof Those Stairs

Always Best Care is the most sought after senior care Woodlands TX provider as they truly care about the safety and health of seniors. They compiled some useful tips to keep stairs accident-free:

Do not use polishing agents on the stairs. Smooth surfaces might look appealing but they are disasters waiting to happen, especially when you live with a senior. This would be a good time to put all the wax and oils away. Anyway, textured woods are trending these days.

Keep the stairway free from clutter. Some people like to add décor like vases, boxes and books to add charm to their living space. When you have a senior, aesthetics must come second to safety. You can relocate your décor to another receiving area, like the living or dining room.

Seniors who live in houses with well-lit stairs are less likely to experience a falling accident. This is why experts recommend adding more light fixtures to stairways. Please note that the low-glare variety is safest for your senior’s sensitive eyes. Be sure the lights can be turned on and off from both ends of the stairwell.

Improve traction by adding gripping agents to your stairs. Rubber treads might not look aesthetically pleasing but they will save your senior from nasty slipping accidents. A skid-free treatment is recommended if homeowners are concerned about aesthetics.

Bright colored tape should be put on the nose of each step. This is helpful for seniors who suffer from blurry vision. If you have carpeted stairs, in home care Woodlands TX experts at Always Best Care recommend using tape that contrasts with the carpet.


Always Best Care’s assisted living Woodlands TX caregivers are skilled at senior-proofing homes, thanks to their stringent training process. If you would like to get more senior-proofing tips, please do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation today. You may reach Kelly and her team of competent, caring caregivers at (832) 585-1941 or email Kelly at [email protected]

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