Reducing the Risk of Falls for Seniors

Chances are high that you’re reading this article because you’re worried about your aging senior not being able to get around their home safely on a regular basis. And that’s an important thing to worry about. As we get older, our risk of falling down, hurting ourselves, and not being able to get back up off of the floor increase dramatically. There are any number of factors that could lead to this happening to your senior who’s receiving elderly care in Woodlands, but most of it boils down to weak bones and muscles. And that’s a natural part of getting older, so you should read down below to learn more about the top strategies to help reduce the risk of falling for seniors.

  • You should take a look at your senior’s medication first to see if any have side effects that could cause your senior to fall. Side effects like dizziness should be avoided at all costs to keep your senior on their feet. If your senior is taking such medication, then be sure to speak with their doctor about other alternatives that don’t have those side effects.
  • Get some rails on their stairs in and outside of the home. This is going to be their first line of defense when keeping themselves safe on the stairs. Even better than this would be reducing the time that your senior goes up and down stairs. Think about making your senior’s home into a one-level home, where everything they need is on one level – this is much safer!
  • It might be time for some spring cleaning if you want to reduce the risk of your senior falling. Go around their house and make sure there is no clutter around in the hallways or in corners that could trip your senior up.
  • Make sure that your senior’s house is properly lit in all well-traveled areas. If there isn’t enough light, this could increase your senior’s chance of tripping on something. You can add some lamps or extra ceiling lamps in those areas where there needs to be a bit extra light.
  • In addition to all of this, your senior should stop wearing socks in their home if there are hardwood floors. This is a slip waiting to happen, so speak to your loved one about wearing shoes while indoors.
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