Learn the Signs that Help is Needed to Maintain a Senior’s Independent Lifestyle

Adults who have always been responsible for themselves understandably want to continue to be after retirement. Seniors value their independence and desire to remain in their own homes for as long as they are possibly able to safely do so. Sometimes, assistance from in-home care Woodlands TX services such as Always Best Care provide the extra help needed to successfully accomplish this. But do you know when the time has come for such services?

Learn the signs to watch for and what they mean. Then you can discuss different needs and solutions with your elderly loved ones. Use this questionnaire as a quick reference guide:


1. Is there fresh and healthy food in the fridge?
2. Is there moldy and/or expired food there?
3. Is the pantry stocked or bare?
4. Are the food items nutritious ones or convenient ones with
low nutritive value?
5. Are any of the pots and pans scorched?

What these answers tell you: If there are plenty of groceries, your senior is able to go to the market and plan meals. If food is scarce, the opposite is true. Spoiled food poses a health hazard. Scorched pans indicate a pot left on the burner too long and inattentiveness while cooking. Forgetfulness while cooking can lead to fires. Assistance with preparing meals would be helpful and safer.


1. Is the house clean?
2. Is it dusty?
3. Are there boxes and old newspapers piling up?
4. Is the mail stacked up and unopened?
5. Are there piles of unwashed laundry?
6. Does the house smell bad?

What these answers tell you: If a home that formerly was kept clean and next is now dirty and dusty, help with routine household chores may be needed. Bills that aren’t opened cannot be paid in a timely manner so assistance with handling household finances is apparently needed as well. Urine leakage from incontinence and smells from dirty laundry can create an unpleasant smell in the elderly carehome.


1. Is your loved one well groomed?
2. Is she unwashed with hair uncombed?
3. Is he unshaven and in dirty clothes?
4. Does the skin show bruising?
5. Is it dry and cracked?
6. Does your loved one smell bad?

What these answers tell you: When tasks such as brushing and arranging hair and shaving become difficult, they are often ignored. Many of the elderly curtail bathing due to their fear of slipping when wet and taking a bad fall. If walking is difficult and your senior bumps into the furniture frequently, or doesn’t mention a recent fall, the evidence is still there in the form of bruising. Dry skin may indicate dehydration. Caregivers who provide elderly care Woodlands TX home services such as Always Best Care will assist with bathing and other personal hygiene routines to provide for the senior’s safety.

For Non-Medical In-Home Care Woodlands TX Relies on Always Best Care

By promoting independence in a safe and familiar environment, Always Best Care enriches the lives of seniors and their families. Assisted living Woodlands TX placement services are also offered free of charge to our clients. For your consultation call Kelly Britton at 832-585-1941 or contact her at [email protected].

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