How Yoga can Help in the Later Years

When the word yoga is mentioned, the first thing that pops into your mind is probably not an elderly individual doing the tree pose, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good idea. Yoga is for everyone- even those with mobility issues and chronic conditions. As a matter of fact, proper regime of appropriate and/or modified poses can improve the physical and mental health of an older person. Always Best Care, known for its progressive thinking, is aware of the benefits of yoga and wants to help. We can help you find the kind of senior care Woodlands TX families look for, including care that will allow your loved one to enjoy the benefits of yoga. Consider the many ways he or she will benefit from the ancient practice:elder care woodlands tx

  • Increased Muscle Strength: It is no secret that muscles that are not used lose mass over time. The gentle resistance training of yoga can actually increase muscle mass.
  • Increased Flexibility: The mild stretching associated with yoga slowly increases a person’s range of motion.
  • Better Balance: Improved muscle tone and flexibility along with the practice of navigating and holding a pose are but three ways a person’s sense of balance is enhanced.
  • Decreased Anxiety: It is easily understood that the calm approach in a soothing environment can decrease stress, but the emotional benefits of yoga go beyond the obvious. Everyone’s brain secretes a chemical that calms rattled nerves, known as GABA. Yoga has scientifically been proven to increase GABA production.
  • Increased Cognition: The control involved in yoga, including the regulation of breathing and synchronization of movements has been proven to sharpen the mind.
  • Better Internal Health: Our organ systems work together, and something that impacts one system impacts another. So, when the deeper breathing improves our respiration, our cardiac health is improved. When our muscles gain tone, we can lose excess weight, which in turn can ease the discomfort of arthritis. Decreased stress improves cognitive functioning and can lessen chronic pain. The possibilities are almost endless. As a form of exercise to be incorporated into assisted living Woodlands TX seniors have everything to gain from yoga.

Elderly care Woodlands TX professionals at Always Best Care know that personal accommodation and modification are key to a safe yoga practice for seniors. Our more mature citizens are one of the most important aspects of our community and must be treated as such.

For high quality in-home care Woodlands TX senior citizens know they can turn to Always Best Care, with its reputation for compassion and professionalism. Kelly Britton and her top notch staff are ready to help you provide your senior with what he or she needs. Each and every care plan is specifically designed for one special individual. Contact Kelly at (832) 585-1941 or [email protected] for a free care consultation.

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