Helping Your Senior Loved One with the Challenge of Hearing Loss

Because one-third of the adult population experiences some degree of hearing loss between the ages of 65 and 74, adult children and elderly care Woodlands TX professionals who interact with seniors should know and watch for the warning signs and symptoms of hearing loss so they can help seniors quickly get the help they need.

Whether severe or only mild, hearing loss is cause for concern and can become a safety issue for all adults as we age. The first step towards assisting is to make sure the challenges a senior is facing are actually the result of a true hearing loss or of something else. These symptoms are typical of hearing loss and indicate that it’s time to see a doctor:

• straining to hear and understand a person during a conversation
• straining to hear and understand someone on the telephone
• turning up the volume all the way on the television or radio regardless of others’ complaints
• asking others to frequently repeat what they’ve said
• being unable to follow one person’s conversation when there is lots of background noise
• being unable to hear alarms, sirens, safety signals
• ringing or hissing sounds in the ears constantly

When two or more of these symptoms are present, it is time for a medical evaluation. If hearing loss is found, the usual solution is fitting the person with a hearing aid. The important goal is to allow your senior to be able to hear and continue to participate in conversations and social interactions and not to become isolated and alone.

When a senior loved one experiences a hearing loss, the changes in your ability to communicate with one another this loss brings can be frustrating for you both. Fortunately for the elderly a hearing loss doesn’t have to mean a loss of their joy in life. What your loved one needs most is your patience and empathy. Remaining calm and providing compassionate assistance will enable you both to find effective solutions. The help of a trained senior care Woodlands TX professional can also assure that all your loved one’s needs are met when you aren’t available.

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