Helping Your Aging Parent with Spring Cleaning

Spring time is one of those times of year that pretty much everyone loves. The birds start singing again, there’s a whole lot more sunshine filling the days, and the temperatures start rising. Plus, spring is a big time for renewal for many people. It gives us the chance to throw away old items, get a new outlook on life, and make some big changes that we’ve been wanting to make. For many seniors, one of those renewal opportunities comes in the form of spring cleaning – getting rid of all that junk and trash that’s been cluttering up their homes. If you are the son or daughter of an aging parent, then you should definitely think about helping them out with their spring cleaning duties during this time. And if your senior is receiving in-home care in Spring, ensure that their caretaker is involved in this process, as well.

Get everyone involved

Who said that spring cleaning had to be an individual affair? If you think you’re going to struggle cleaning your senior’s entire home, then it’s best to invite over other family members and friends to lend a helping hand! You shouldn’t have to take on this huge cleaning process by yourself, so make it fun with the help of other loved ones.

Make sure to have the proper cleaning materials

Of course, there’s much more to spring cleaning than just throwing away old items or storing them away. You’ve got to make sure that you have the necessary cleaning materials ready to make your senior’s home sparkle. This should be done before you get started, so you don’t have to make any unnecessary runs to the store.

Make sure to get a storage space

The chances are that your senior has a ton of things in their home that they don’t want to get rid of, but are cluttering up the home. You can solve this problem by getting a storage space on the other side of town, where you can store these items. That way, your senior can keep those special knick-knacks, but won’t have to worry about where to place them.

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