Excellent Tips to Help Seniors Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep is vital to our health because it gives us time to heal and it gives our hard working muscles and organs a break. As we grow older, our bodies work harder to keep up, so getting enough sleep is essential for a healthy life. Seniors often have trouble falling asleep at night. If an elderly loved one is struggling with lack of sleep, try the following five tips from Always Best Care. Always Best Care is a preferred provider of senior care Woodlands TX residents can trust for accurate information on numerous aspects of elderly care.

Five Tips that Can Help Seniors Get Much Needed Sleep

1. The Aftermath of the Afternoon Nap

A nap in the afternoon can work wonders for replenishing energy, but it can also make it harder for seniors to sleep at night. It can help if your loved one shortens the length of their nap, or if they take a short nap at an earlier time.

2. Be Prepared to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Some seniors find it difficult to relax and fall asleep at night. If you adjust your loved one’s daily schedule and include a set bedtime, you might be able to help them get into a routine of being relaxed and better prepared for sleep at night.

3. Remove Alcohol from The Diet

Some seniors enjoy having an adult beverage in the evening. This might be a tradition for them, but it could be affecting their ability to fall asleep at night. Consider encouraging your loved one to reduce the amount of alcohol they drink. They could also skip the beverage for a few nights a week, or completely eliminate these beverages for best results.

4. Creating a Peaceful Sleeping Environment

It is best to have a comfortable bed in an organized and peaceful room to sleep in. Organizing clutter, using dim lights, and adding soft colors in the decor theme encourages relaxation. A relaxing atmosphere can help your loved one get plenty of rest. As a preferred provider of in home elderly care Woodlands TX residents can count on Always Best Care to help with ideas for creating more peaceful sleeping spaces.

5. Take a Relaxing Bath Before Bed

Warm water can soothe away pain and help the entire body relax. Try to encourage your loved one to enjoy a good soak before bed. It can work wonders towards helping them relax and fall asleep.

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