Combatting Spring Allergies

So, you’ve just had the first sneeze of the season. If you know what we’re talking about, then you are well aware that spring allergies are here and ready to stay. Whether it’s from the pollen in the air or any other allergen that’s floating around, you know how annoying these allergies can be. They can make life your life pretty frustrating when all you want to do is open the windows wide in your home and breathe in that warm air. However, there are some ways that you as a senior receiving in-home care in Spring can combat your allergies and move forward with your life. Because you really should have the opportunity to enjoy the spring weather without sneezing every second!

Try not to open the windows as much: One of the biggest reasons why you might enjoy spring time is because you get to open up the windows in your home and let in the fresh spring air. However, that can be pretty dangerous with the amount of pollen and other allergens in the air. Keep your windows shut as much as you can during spring. Instead, you can turn on the AC to get some cool air.

Keep track of pollen conditions: There are plenty of apps on your phone or sites you can visit that will let you know of the current pollen conditions in the area. As you know, pollen is one of the main reasons that many people face spring allergies. You will be able to know about these conditions before you decide to head out the door.

Invest in an air purifier: If there does happen to be any allergens in the air of your house or the house of your senior, then they need to be gotten rid of ASAP. These can bring on an allergy attack like none other. That’s why you should invest in a high-quality air purifier for the house, so the air can be made suitable to breathe again in the spring.

Dry clothes in the dryer: Many of you might like to hang-dry your clothes outside in the spring time. However, this just isn’t the best way of doing things if you want to combat your spring allergies. That pollen can get on your clothes and not let go. Just dry them in your dryer and you’ll be much better off!


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