Choosing a Senior Caregiver in Houston

While we might want to quit our job to take care of our senior loved one ourselves, financial responsibilities have to be met. Therefore, to ensure their safety, many families choose to hire senior caregivers.

There are two types of caregivers, independent unlicensed ones and company-hired professionals. Sure, independent caregivers may charge less per hour compared to their licensed counterparts, but there may be a big catch.

Caregivers Get Sick Too

Your caregiver cannot be there every single day. He or she may get sick, just like the rest of us. If a company-hired caregiver gets sick, the agency will provide you with a well trained substitute until the regular caregiver returns from sick leave. Therefore, your schedule will not be disrupted. Please note that this scenario also applies to vacation leaves.

Always Best Care aims to please their clients. They believe that convenience is one of the most important factors that can ensure client satisfaction. This is why they train all their caregivers thoroughly. Each one will be able to fill in the gap that one will leave when he or she needs that occasional day off.

In the event that an independent caregiver gets sick, you will have to file for a leave to care for your aging loved one yourself. Your other option would be to look for a temporary substitute on short notice. This would mean having to change your plans, even if you scored tickets to a game at Minute Maid Park or have invitations to a posh event at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.

Skill and Training

Consider this example scenario: your senior family member and his or her caregiver are enjoying a day at the Houston Zoo. Your aging loved one suddenly faints because of heatstroke. Would an unlicensed caregiver be able to provide adequate emergency care until the paramedics arrive?

A senior care company will care about client feedback. Therefore, they put their employees through rigorous training to ensure that each one is a credit to the company. Skill is also something that one develops during their training period. Skill and training combined can help the caregiver make important, live-saving decisions if something were to happen to your loved one.

An independent contractor may have some know-how. However, due to the lack of training, this person may not be as effective as a company-hired, licensed professional. Is that a risk you are willing to take? If you would rather not take risks with your elderly loved one’s well-being, hire a senior care specialist from a trustworthy company like Always Best Care.

Always Best Care is the leading senior care Houston provider because they match seniors with competent companions who can assist them with their daily tasks. They are licensed and compliant to all the regulations required for businesses that offer this type of service.

If you are interested in finding elderly care in Houston, Always Best Care should be your first choice for trustworthy, competent companion care. To learn more about their in-home care Houston services call 832-585-1941.


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