Awesome Woodlands TX Activities for Kids and Seniors

Children and elderly individuals share a love for the simple things in life. This is the reason why Always Best Care, the leading senior care provider in the Woodlands encourages their clients to spend time with their young family members for at least a few hours a week. Here are some activities that both seniors and kids in Woodland TX will enjoy.

Finish My Song

The best way to ensure optimal mental health in seniors is by jogging their memories. Kids can sing their favorite nursery rhymes and ask their grandparents to finish the song.

Museum Trips

Seniors and children will enjoy a field trip every now and then. This change in routine will be refreshing for both parties. The Woodlands Children’s Museum is a great place to visit if you have young children in tow.

Waterway Trolley Ride

The Waterway Trolley is an excellent option for seniors who love the water. Kids will enjoy the exciting view and the chance to play pretend pirate as well. This is an inexpensive way to spend quality time together out of the house. Many senior care Woodlands TX companions recommend this ride to their charges.

Fairy tale with a Twist

Everyone has their own favorite fairy tale, a magical story that we wouldn’t mind reading from beginning to end even if we already memorize each line by heart. Imagine retelling the story with props involved! Your elderly care Woodlands TX companion can help you create inexpensive props from scratch.

Catch a Concert

Please note that most elderly individuals will prefer to watch a concert that features songs from their generation. Luckily, the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion hosts many types of events. You can choose to sit on the grass for a picnic with live music or sit on the stands. Senior citizens and their grandchildren will enjoy bonding over some great tunes!


If you’ve got a green thumb, put it to good use! The climate in the Woodlands is perfect for people who want to start a mini garden in their backyard. An in home care Woodlands TX companion should be present to ensure that the senior does not overexert themselves during the process. Gardening can take quite a toll on older individuals with mobility problems.

Paint and Pottery

If a senior and his or her younger family member are excited to try out painting and/or pottery, they’re in luck! Pinot’s Palette offers beginners classes for those who want to nurture their creativity.

Puzzle Day

Puzzles are a great tool. They mold young minds and keep seniors sharp. This is a fun way for seniors and kids to bond. Please note that they don’t have to stay cooped at home. This is an activity they can do at the mall or a local park as well.


Always Best Care’s assisted living Woodlands TX companions are trained to provide the best in home care. Therefore, they do what they can to ensure their client’s physical and mental well-being with fun activities. To learn more about the services they provide, please give Kelly a call at (832) 585-1941 to schedule a consultation.

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