Aerobic Exercise for Seniors Can Reduce Memory Loss

Exercise is known to boost heart health and emotional well-being, but new research has added another health benefit to physical activity: the diminished risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. However, many seniors find that mobility issues make it harder to exercise or find that they need a companion for motivation. It is important to note that researchers say that as little as 30 minutes of movement a few times a week can make a big difference in reducing memory loss.

Elderly care in Houston can be of great benefit to the city’s senior residents. Custom in-home care programs give seniors and their families comfort in creating built-in companionship and the ability to get out and about for exercise. There are many opportunities to get out and about in Space City. In fact, with help from senior care Houston residents can combine their interest in space with exercise by visiting the Space Center.

Sometimes full schedules or distance makes it difficult for families to connect with their senior loved ones as much as they would like. Seniors may not wish to leave the family home and their families may agree that moving to an assisted living facility is not appropriate for them. However, with in-home care Houston families can resolve certain needs like companionship, transportation and mental stimulation.

The Houston botanical gardens is another great location for senior residents to do a bit of walking. The ideal form of exercise in preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s is aerobic exercise. Those who are physically strong and have their doctor’s permission can mix their need for companionship with mental and physical stimulation by going dancing. H-town has many great dance studios including ballroom dance schools such as the Houston Ballroom Dance or the Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Likewise, seniors who enjoy jogging or bicycle riding can head to Discovery Green Park.

Senior residents and their families can find great piece of mind with the options in senior care Houston residents have available. Always Best Care (ABC) is happy to provide seniors with increased quality of life through companionship, help with daily tasks, and transportation. For more information or to arrange for elderly care in Houston, please contact Kelly at 832-585-1941 or [email protected] We look forward to working with you.


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