5 Miraculous Benefits of Music for Seniors

Music plays an incredibly important part in each of our lives. Whether it be the music on the radio, the songs playing in the elevator, or that live band you always see on the side of the street, music is all around us. For seniors receiving in-home care in Woodlands, TX, there are tons of miraculous physical & mental health benefits attached to music too.

    1. Listening to or playing music can help lower your blood pressure.

It’s a fact of life that most of us will suffer from some sort of blood pressure problem as we get older. There are many possible ways to remedy high blood pressure, but music may be the only medicine you need! Listening to or playing music has been shown in many cases to lower blood pressure in seniors. What do you have to lose?

    1. It can help with any hearing problems you may have.

It’s another fact of life that our hearing tends to deteriorate as we age. This can either be a minor annoyance or a more serious problem. However, listening to music at a medium volume has been shown to help with hearing problems in some seniors. Just don’t turn the volume up too much!

    1. Music makes us want to go out and be social.

All of us have favorite songs. We all can name our preferred artists to listen to off the top of our head. Why not enjoy your favorite music with old friends or go out and make some new ones? Listening to music puts us in the right mood to get out of our house and be social. Head over to Dosey Doe and see what kind of music is playing.

    1. You’ll feel a lot more positive!

It should come as no surprise that music makes us happy. When we listen to our favorite song on the radio or play a song on the guitar we’ve been working on for months, we are flooded with feelings of positivity. You’ll find some great music at the GenuWine Tasting Room that’ll sure to bring out that those positive feelings.

  1. It can bring back positive memories.

Most of us have many positive memories to look back on from the past. Whether it be our favorite birthday party or our wedding day, you will normally associate each of these memories with some kind of music. For your birthday party, it might be the classic happy birthday song. For your wedding, it may be the song you walked down the aisle to. When played in the present, the songs attached to your memories can bring back a lot of positive nostalgia that will make you feel great.

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