Unlocking The Benefits Of The ‘Mediterranean Diet’ With Always Best Senior Services

Unlocking The Benefits Of The ‘Mediterranean Diet’ With Always Best Senior Services

Today’s post reviews literature on the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, then explains how to implement this healthy eating plan with Always Best senior services.

What Are The Benefits Of The ‘Mediterranean Diet’ For Seniors

In a recent article by the American Federation for Aging Research, Claire McEvoy defined the Mediterranean diet as follows:

“The traditional Mediterranean diet is a plant-based diet rich in fruit and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and moderate in fish and nuts, as well as alcohol that tends to be consumed at mealtimes. It’s also generally low in processed foods, sugary foods, and red meat.”

These are just a few of the scientifically proven benefits of this diet for seniors in Southlake and Denton:

Always Best senior services makes it easy to unlock these benefits–or to implement any diet, for that matter. Here’s how:

Always Best Senior Services Makes For Easy Diet Adherence

As the name suggests, the main appeal of convenience foods is convenience. Even when you know that wholesome foods are what your body needs, and your fridge is brimming with them, it can be tough to work up the willpower needed to clean, prepare, and cook fresh meals. And then there’s the dishes to worry about.

That’s a lot of work, even for somebody who isn’t living with mobility issues or physical limitations related to old age or chronic disease. Instead of making the effort, we often reach for what’s quick and easy, and that’s when our healthy lifestyle goes off the rails.

But with Always Best senior services, all food is convenience food. With us doing the meal prep, cooking, serving, and cleaning, your loved one only needs to show up with an appetite. It’s easier than popping a frozen entree in the microwave. We can also prepare some Mediterranean Diet-friendly snacks for your loved one to reach for next time they’re feeling peckish. With these services in place to support them, your loved one will have no trouble sticking to their new eating plan.

Get Fresh Foods Safety Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is threatening fresh food security for some seniors in North Texas. Panic buying, business closures, and fear of infection are just a few of the new obstacles that older adults face when trying to get the fresh ingredients they need.

Always Best senior services is the answer. Whether you need us to take care of your grocery shopping, or you want help setting up regular grocery deliveries, Always Best Care is standing by. We can disinfect and deliver whatever foods you need to keep on-track with your healthy eating plan.

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