Simplify Holiday Shopping for Mom and Dad with In-Home Care Services

Simplify Holiday Shopping for Mom and Dad with In-Home Care Services North, Texas

Holiday shopping is never easy, and COVID-19 makes it trickier than ever, especially for at-risk seniors. Today’s post explains how our in-home care services can go beyond the home to simplify your loved ones’ holiday shopping this year.

Covid-19 Increases Holiday Shopping Stress For North, Texas Seniors

We’re all familiar with the stresses of holiday shopping, but with the pandemic threat yet to pass, the concerns of senior shoppers are at an all-time high. Not only do seniors need to brave lengthy store line-ups, mall parking nightmares, and bumper-to-bumper traffic, but they also must navigate new COVID-19 shopping restrictions and do everything possible to minimize their risk of infection.

If all you want for Christmas is a little help with mom and dad’s holiday shopping, all you have to do is ask your in-home care team. What follows is an overview of how we simplify holiday shopping for North, Texas clients—and all of the following supports are included as part of every in-home care service plan!

How To Simplify Holiday Shopping With In-home Care Services

  • Make your list, check it twice, and your in-home care team will go buy something nice! All in-home care service plans include full support with errands, grocery orders, and medication pick-ups, so feel free to add a few holiday shopping items to the list. We’ll do all the shopping while your loved one shelters in place, and every item is fully disinfected before being brought into the home.
  • Recruit your in-home care staff as COVID-safe shopping companions. If your mom or dad would rather get out there and shop themselves, we can support them every step of the way, making sure they’re comfortable, safe, and following all COVID-19 infection-control protocols. We will schedule an outing that complies with local COVID-19 restrictions, provide transportation to-and-from their shopping destinations, and accompany your loved one for the entire trip.
  • Simplify online shopping and reduce risk. We can help your loved one make sense of new online shopping technology, and monitor their internet use to ensure their safety at all times.
  • Help with holiday gift lists. Whether your loved one needs help asking for ideas or writing them down on a shopping list, or you need some sneaky ways to ask what they’d like to get this year for your own gift lists, we can help!
  • Send porch pirates packing. “Porch pirates,” sometimes known as “box bandits,” steal packages off of front porches. In light of COVID-19, contactless deliveries are more popular than ever, and hundreds of seniors are getting ripped off by package-plunderers every week! We can help you send porch pirates packing by coordinating local post office drop-offs or simply bringing packages indoors before they’re spotted by “pirates.”

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For over 20 years, Always Best Care has been combining national strength and standards with small-town customer care to meet the changing needs of America’s older adults. Today, we’re proud to bring the same celebrated in-home care service to North, Texas and expand our care beyond the home in the form of holiday shopping support.

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