Senior Care Keeps Aging Parents Safe as COVID-19 Lockdown Lifts

Senior Care Keeps Aging Parents Safe as COVID-19 Lockdown Lifts North Texas

As COVID-19 lockdowns begin to lift, our senior care teams are working overtime to keep North Texas communities safe. Read on to learn how we enhance infection control practices and stop the spread.

Senior Care Concerns Rise As North Texas Lockdowns Lift

Numerous businesses and community centers in North Texas are now welcoming visitors, though infection control practices remain in place.

It’s an exciting time and, understandably, many North Texas residents are eager to get out and about after an extended lockdown period. But don’t confuse the gradual lifting of restrictions for a return to “business as usual,” health experts warn.

“For one thing, the risk of exposure to the novel coronavirus is still out there,” writes Stacey Colino in a new AARP report. “In fact, the opening of many states doesn’t mean COVID is decreasing in many areas, just that hospitals have capacity and the harms of shutdown outweigh the benefits.”

And according to Dr. Daniel J. Morgan, a professor of epidemiology, public health, and infectious diseases cited by Colino, “we are likely to see more cases.” That’s a major concern for North Texas seniors, who remain at high risk.

Amidst the reopening, Always Best Care Southlake is committed to reducing infection risk and keeping North Texas seniors safe. What follows is a brief look at how our senior care team is optimizing the AARP’s reopening safety tips in order to keep North Texas communities safe.

Senior Care Teams Offer Safe Alternatives To Dining Out In North Texas

“Most experts believe bars and restaurants are among the more difficult places to practice social distancing and cleaning,” writes Dr. Morgan in the AARP report. “I would recommend those over age 65 avoid these areas until we get through the COVID risk period—that is, until a vaccine is available or the virus stops circulating.”

But that doesn’t mean your loved ones need to be stuck preparing their own meals. Our senior care team can pick up fresh ingredients, prepare meals, and join your loved one for a safe and delicious dinner, recreating the restaurant experience at home. If you’re comfortable with take-out, we can also pick up your order for a true “contactless” delivery.

Senior Care Teams Take Care Of Shopping Tasks For North Texas Seniors

Dr. Morgan recommends that only those under age 65 shop at stores until the COVID risk period is over—and even then, only with masks, proper hand hygiene, and social distancing.

But your loved one never has to go without what they want or need, because our senior care teams can handle all their shopping needs, then disinfect everything that enters the home.

Senior Care Teams Make Home Exercise Safe And Enjoyable

“Gyms are especially difficult,” writes Dr. Morgan. “People are often close together, and there is a lot of shared contact. I would recommend avoiding gyms for all people, but especially those over 65.”

No gym? No problem. Our senior care teams make meeting the 150 minutes of recommended aerobic activity easy, safe, and enjoyable. We can accompany your loved one on a gentle walk or monitor their home exercise routines to add motivation and ensure their safety.

Stay Safe: Free Senior Care Consultation In North Texas

To learn more about how we enhance the safety of North Texas’s older adults amidst the reopening, call 940-241-2273 or visit our website to book a free consultation.

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