Managing Mental Health For The Whole Family With Respite Care

Managing Mental Health For The Whole Family With Respite Care

To all North, Texas caregivers: respite care isn’t expensive, and it isn’t selfish! For the sake of your own mental health, and that of your loved one, take the time to evaluate respite care solutions in your area.

Today’s post highlights how our respite care service fosters mental health for the whole family. Read on or call (940)-241-2273 for a free quote on custom respite care services.

Respite Care Improves Mental Health And Informal Care Quality

The mental and physical risks of informal caregiver burnout are well-established. Several studies have linked this state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion to increased risks of anxiety, depression, compassion fatigue, illness and mortality.

Not only does burnout pose risks to the caregiver, but it’s also potentially harmful to the care recipient. Caregiver burnout is associated with lower care quality, as well as both higher frequency and intensity of caregiver conflicts.

Fortunately, these risks are easily managed through use of our respite care services. No matter what your loved one’s care needs or schedule, we’re here to help, so you can find respite whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Respite Care Helps Mom And Dad, Too

It’s quite common for family caregivers to feel guilty about seeking respite care services, as though they were doing something selfish. But as we know by now, this isn’t the case. Not only does respite care increase family care quality by preventing burnout, but it also gives mom or dad a well-needed break, too!

While it may not be the case in every care arrangement, many seniors feel guilty asking their friends and family for help. As a review of literature by the Journal of Family and Economic Issues reveals, “there is evidence that receiving informal care is stressful, and that care recipients experience tension between needing assistance and not wanting to be a burden.”

In one study, researchers found that the majority of senior participants “preferred to receive needed help from formal (i.e. public or private sector) cartegivers rather than from family members because relying on family members… burdened their family members.”

In other words, respite care gives mom and dad a chance to truly request the help they need, without feeling like a burden—after all, helping’s what formal care workers are being paid to do! In this way, even a few respite care visits can open your eyes to unmet care needs, as our elderly parents finally open up and ask for help.

Learn More About Respite Care Solutions In North, Texas

Since 2016, Always Best Care Southlake/Denton has been helping caregivers in crisis, lifting the burden, freeing up family time for memory-making, and making sure no care needs go unmet.

Our respite care services are available whenever and wherever they’re needed in throughout the North, Texas area, including:

  • Trophy Club
  • Westlake
  • Shady Shores
  • The Colony
  • Plano
  • Paloma Creek South
  • Roanoke
  • Prosper
  • Northlake
  • Oak Point
  • Lanata, and beyond

Call Shane Carpenter at (940)-241-2273 or fill out the form on the Always Best Care Southlake/Denton website to set up a free respite care consultation.

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