Lifting The Caregiver Burden: Non Medical Home Care Service Helps Texans ‘Take Time’

Lifting The Caregiver Burden: Non Medical Home Care Service Helps Texans ‘Take Time’

Today’s post highlights the health risks of caregiver burden, then explains how our non medical home care service is helping North, Texas families “take time” and find respite.

Caregiver Burden Places North, Texas Families At Risk

The AARP’s “Caregiving in the U.S. 2020” report highlighted the manifold health risks associated with caregiver burden, which include:

  • Physical strain–17% of family caregivers reported serious physical strain as a result of non medical home care duties
  • Difficulty taking care of health–nearly one quarter of all caregivers agreed that it was difficult to tend to their personal care needs when providing senior care for a loved one
  • Feeling alone–21% of all caregivers strongly agreed with the survey statement “I feel alone”
  • Emotional stress–More than half (51%) of all family caregivers indicated that “positive emotions often coexist with feelings of isolation, stress or strain”
  • Financial strain–About one in five caregivers report experiencing high financial strain as a result of providing care

In light of these findings, it’s clear that North, Texas families need respite. And Always Best Care can help.

Texas Health And Human Services (HHS) Recognizes Need For Respite Services

Texas Health and Human Services recognizes that caring for another person is hard work and that caregivers sometimes need respite to refresh and recharge. To that end, they launched the Take Time Texas Respite Care initiative on their website, which includes:

  • A search function that finds respite programs in Southlake, Denton, Flower Mound, Grapevine, and all the surrounding areas
  • Testimonials from families who use non medical home care services to find respite
  • Resources for new family caregivers
  • Common myths about respite

It’s a great resource that ultimately points towards the essential nature of respite services, and leads you to qualified companies like ours.

Taking Time And Finding Respite With Non Medical Home Care

What is respite? Plenty of North, Texas caregivers wouldn’t know.

According to the Take Time Texas website, “respite means having someone else look after your loved one while you take a break.” What you do with that break time–read a book, take your spouse out for dinner, catch up with friends, or close sales at work–is entirely up to you.

Respite care takes place most often in the home, or sometimes elsewhere in the community, such as at a senior events or residential care center. At Always Best Care of North, Texas in-home respite care is the overwhelmingly popular choice, since it allows the care recipient to enjoy the full comforts of their home with new levels of independence. However, our respite care services can be delivered in any care setting, whether that’s the family home or a hospital bed.

Free Non Medical Respite Care Quotes In North, Texas

Always Best Care North, Texas proudly serves families throughout Southlake, Denton, Flower Mound, Grapevine, and all the surrounding areas.

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