Keep Mom And Dad Safe Over The Holidays With Non Medical Home Care

Keep Mom And Dad Safe Over The Holidays With Non Medical Home Care

If you’re planning a holiday gathering this year, our non-medical home care service can help you stay COVID-safe. Today’s post explains how we help implement CDC holiday guidelines in any setting.

CDC Winter Holiday Guidelines Are Still In Place In North, Texas

Though the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines is now underway for front-line workers and long-term care residents, medical experts stress that the CDC’s winter holiday safety guidelines are still in place. Indeed, it will be months before the majority of the population has access to the vaccine, so it’s important that we stay committed to proper masking, social distancing, and non-essential travel restrictions.

But that doesn’t mean you need to spend the holidays all alone. Following the CDC’s winter holiday guidelines is easy with the help of your non-medical home care team. Here’s a look at some of the different ways we can lift the COVID-care burden and keep your family safe this holiday season.

Optimize CDC Holiday Travel Guidelines With Non-medical Home Care

If your loved ones are considering traveling for the holidays, and they’ve passed the CDC’s self-screening questionnaire, our non-medical home care team can help you implement all safe travel guidelines, including:

  • Checking the CDC’s travel restrictions to confirm holidays plans are clear
  • Coordinating COVID-19 tests and/or flu shots before and after you travel
  • Ensuring your loved one always has a clean and effective mask on-hand, and that they comply with all masking policies while indoors or when unable to maintain social distance
  • Enforcing social distancing policies both during travel and at the holiday gathering
  • Bringing extra mask and hand sanitizer supplies to head off any shortages
  • Packing food for the drive to limit stops and potential contact

Additionally, if your loved ones answered “Yes” to any of the CDC’s self-screening questions, we can help your loved one find fulfilling alternatives to holiday travel, such as family video calls or drive-thru Christmas parties in North, Texas.

Make Holiday Hosting Safer With Non-medical Home Care

If your loved one chooses to bring guests into their home, it’s important to follow all CDC guidelines for “Hosting a Winter Holiday Celebration.” Put your non-medical home care team in charge of enforcing these guidelines to save yourself the headache of “policing” friends and family this holiday.

We can help with:

  • Limiting the number of guests entering the home
  • Setting up outdoor celebrations with friends and family
  • Stocking extra maska and hand sanitizer for forgetful guests
  • Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and items between uses
  • Ensuring fresh air is circulating for any indoor celebrations by opening windows
  • Setting up a separate area for guests to wash their hands
  • Keeping background music turned down low so guests don’t need to shout to be heard
  • Screening guests
  • Preparing single-use, COVID-safe cutlery options, such as disposable food containers, plates, and utensils, and avoiding “family style” serving

Free Non-medical Home Care Consultation In North, Texas

Call 940-241-2273 or visit the Always Best Care North, Texas website to book your free non-medical home care consultation and learn more about how we can help you keep your holidays COVID-safe.

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