How To Vote In The 2022 Elections: Simplify Senior Voting With In Home Care

How To Vote In The 2022 Elections: Simplify Senior Voting With In Home Care

If your loved one takes pride in staying politically active, but they need help making it to the ballot box, our in-home care team is standing by to make sure their voice is heard.

Read on to learn how our in-home care team empowers gray voters in Southlake/Denton, TX, or call (940)-241-2273 to start a free consultation straight away.

Simplify Senior Voting With In-Home Care Services In Southlake/Denton, TX

Following the introduction of a new state law in 2021, which put an end to drive-through and 24-hour early voting, some seniors have begun to wonder if they’ll be able to participate in this year’s general election.

In light of these changes, lingering COVID-19 concerns, chronic mobility issues, and poor access to transportation pose significant barriers for seniors trying to stay politically active in their Golden Years. But our in-home care service is here to help.

These are just a few of the way our in-home care teams simplify senior voting in Southlake/Denton, TX:

  • Simplify voting registration with in-home care services. To be eligible to vote, Southlake/Denton seniors must complete a voter registration application. This form can be found online, and you can also pick it up at your local voter registrar’s office or from public libraries, government offices, or high schools.

    If mail-in voting registration works best for your loved ones, our in-home care team makes it easy. We can help them access the voter registration application, whether that means assisting with internet navigation or driving them down to the registrar’s office to get a copy, and we’ll make sure it’s properly addressed and mailed on-time, too.

    We can also submit your application in-person to your county’s early voting clerk. Not only will our in-home care team provide safe transportation to-and-from the offices, but we will also ensure the deadline is met, and that all necessary identification is brought.

  • Cast mail-in ballots with in-home care services. Mail-in ballots are still available to voters who are 65 or older, are sick, or have a disability. Whether your loved one needs help with deadline reminders, accessing their mail-in voting application, gathering the necessary identification (Texas driver’s license number, personal ID or election ID certificate number), or submitting it via email, fax, or mail, our in-home care team can do it all.
  • Track your mail-in ballot with in-home care services. If your loved one wants to check the status of their mail-in ballot at any point, whether it’s to correct any missing or incorrect information or simply out of curiosity, our in-home care team can help them access Texas’ official online Ballot By Mail Tracker.

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