How to Evaluate Non-Medical Senior Care Services: AARP Quality Indicators

How to Evaluate Non-Medical Senior Care Services in Southlake: AARP Quality Indicators

Need help evaluating non-medical senior care companies in North Texas?

Today’s post puts our non-medical senior care services to the test using the AARP’s ‘Quality’ criteria. Read on to get a hold of the AARP’s free checklist and see how Always Best Care measures up!

Find The Best Home Care With The Aarp’s Non-Medical Senior Care Checklist

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP’s) caregiving checklist is completely free and invaluable to anyone seeking non-medical senior care services in North,Texas or the rest of the United States.

By using multiple criteria in a simple checklist format, families can quickly identify how local non-medical senior care services stack up to national standards. The checklist is broken down into 4 different categories—services, staff, cost, and quality—which you can use to evaluate specific aspects of the company at-a-glance.

To show you how to use this checklist, and to underscore the value of our non-medical senior care service, let’s run Always Best Care through the AARP’s “Quality” criteria.

Evaluating Always Best Care Using The Aarp’s ‘quality’ Checklist

“You know quality when you see it,” states the AARP. “But it can still be hard to measure.”

To make it easier for families under pressure, the AARP created the following ‘Quality’ checklist. But how does Always Best Care stack up? Let’s find out:

  • Does the agency have references or satisfaction reports for itself and staff? We do. Simply Google “Always Best Care reviews” and you’ll be flooded with glowing feedback from happy customers all over the country, as well as 5-stars reviews for our North Texas location on Google My Business (GMB), GlassDoor, Yelp, and many more third-party sites.
  • Is the agency inspected by an outside organization? We comply with all national standards for non-medical senior care inspections. Get in touch with a representative to access inspection reports.
  • Does the staff receive ongoing training? All staff must complete initial and ongoing training that meets our exacting national standards for non-medical senior care service.
  • Does the agency provide written job descriptions so clients know what duties to expect from the staff? Of course. In addition to detailing each service on our website, every client receives a custom non-medical senior care plan based on their specific needs, preferences, and budget.
  • Does the agency have quality of care standards in place and a plan or program to maintain and improve quality? Yes! All staff must meet exacting standards for non-medical senior care servi
  • ce quality, and all team members are subject to monitoring and inspections.
  • How often does staff communicate with family members and by what means? That’s entirely up to you—every care plan is completely customized to the needs of the individual and their family. But whatever level of contact you require, we’ll accommodate.
  • Is there a written plan of care for each client? Are Clients and family members involved in creating and reviewing it? Yes! Every care plan is customized for the individual during the group care consultation, and family feedback is a critical part of our process.

Free Non-medical Senior Care Consultation In North Texas

Always Best Care is a leading provider of non-medical senior care services throughout North Texas, including the communities of Trophy Club, Shady Shores, Westlake, Roanoke, Prosper, Paloma Creek South, and all the surrounding townships.


Call 940-241-2273 or fill out the short form on the Always Best Care North Texas website to book your free non-medical senior care consultation and learn more about why so many local families entrust the care of their loved ones to our team.

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