Healthy Aging in North Texas: How In Home Care Supports ‘Key Indicators of Well Being’

Healthy Aging in North Texas

Joint research by multiple federal agencies and senior associations has identified over 40 “key indicators of well-being” associated with healthy aging. Today’s post shows how our in-home care service supports this healthy aging criteria throughout North Texas.

Key Indicators Of Well-being For Seniors In North Texas

The Federal Interagency Forum on Aging Related Statistics was founded in 1986 to advance our understanding of healthy aging by fostering collaboration among federal agencies that study senior populations.

Working together, the Department and Health and Human Services, Department of Veteran Affairs, National Institute on Aging, and U.S. Census Bureau have outlined very specific requirements for healthy aging, most of which our in-home care services support in one way or another.

In fact, in 2016 Older Americans Key Indicators of Well-Being report, researchers identified a total of 41 distinct indicators of well-being associated with healthy aging, broken into the following six categories:

  • Population—Marital status, living arrangement, educational attainment, and more.
  • Economics—Poverty level, income, total expenditures, and more.
  • Health status—Oral health, depressive symptoms, functional limitations, and more.
  • Health risks and behaviors—Diet quality, physical activity level, cigarette smoking, and more.
  • Health care—Use of health care services, long-term care providers, personal assistance equipment, and so on.
  • Environment—Use of time, air quality, transportation, etc.

Though our in-home care service cannot change certain population and demographic indicators, such as North Texas seniors’ marital status, income, or educational attainment level, our service is specifically designed to improve health status, health risks and behaviors, health care, and home care environment.

Let’s discuss a few ways we support these key indicators of well being.

In-Home Care Services Support North Texas Senior Health Status

  • Optimizing seniors’ oral health is easy with in-home care. Our team can purchase dental care supplies, help seniors implement daily oral care routines, prepare mouth-healthy meals, and facilitate regular trips to the dentist.
  • In-home care services mitigate depressive symptoms. Our warm and attentive team is always happy to engage your loved one with meaningful conversation, happy reminiscing, or fun activities that chase the blues away. We can also implement depression-fighting interventions, like healthy meal plans, more time outdoors, or helping seniors get more exercise. Plus we improve your chances of early detection, which makes treatments much more effective.
  • In-home care services remove functional limitations. We provide full assistance with all the activities of daily living (ADLs) in order to maximize your loved one’s independence and help them do whatever it is that makes them happy!

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