Fighting Fraud in Texas: How Always Best Senior Services Maximize Online Security

How Always Best Senior Services Maximize Online Security

Today’s post reviews some surprising research about the state of seniors’ online security in North, Texas then explains how Always Best senior services prevents frauds and scams.

North, Texas Seniors Need Better Online Security, Aarp Report Finds

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, loads of holiday shopping is now moving online, where seniors enjoy practically endless options for safe, contactless gift-giving. But online shopping might not be as safe for seniors as it seems. While buying online undoubtedly lowers infection risk, AARP-sponsored research paints a grim picture of the state of seniors’ online security in North, Texas.

Key findings from their report, titled Identity Fraud in Three Acts: A Consumer Guide, indicate:

  • Two-thirds of Americans aged 55 and older use online banking weekly
  • The majority of seniors still use (and reuse) weak passwords
  • Thousands of seniors fall victim to online security breaches each year due to malware infections and “keylogger” trackers
  • Fraudsters posing as bank security staff or Microsoft technicians are at an all-time high
  • New fake websites luring bargain hunters with great prices crop up every day

All told, CNBC estimates that scams chest older Americans out of approximately $3-billion every single year. And that number is only increasing.

In light of these findings, it’s clear that North, Texas seniors need to increase their online security. And while we are not tech support specialists, Always Best senior services can help! What follows is a look at a few of the ways we maximize online security for our clients in North, Texas.

Maximizing Online Security With Always Best Senior Services

Though our focus is on your loved one’s mental and physical health, here are just a few of the ways Always Best senior services support your loved one’s online security and financial wellness:

  • Monitor phone and internet usage to prevent seniors from entertaining conversations with strangers, and to avoid common scam tactics (e.g. phishing sites, malicious pop-ups)
  • Help seniors set up security protocols, such as two-step authentications, digital wallets, and payment card restrictions
  • Store passwords in a safe place (for seniors still leery of online password manager software)
  • Provide regular (e.g. monthly) reminders for seniors to update their passwords
  • Review questionable links and webpages when seniors need a second opinion
  • Independently verify questionable phone numbers, limited-time offers, refunds, and companies (e.g. hanging up on suspected scammers posing as bank tellers, then calling the bank to verify)
  • Help seniors and family members organize and store financial documents so they can better spot any suspicious activity
  • Schedule tech support from trustworthy providers in North, Texas as needed
  • Report any suspicious activity or security concerns to family members straight away

We’ve hardly scratched the surface, and every plan is completely customizable, so give us a call to find out more!

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