Caregivers-in-Crisis Seeking Respite with Always Best Senior Services in Texas

Caregivers-in-Crisis Seeking Respite with Always Best Senior Services in North Texas

Caregivers-in-crisis find respite with Always Best senior services. Today’s post illuminates the state of America’s caregiver crisis and explains how Always Best Care of North Texas can help.

The Growing Prevalence And Complexity Of Informal Caregiving In 2020

As in the rest of the United States, the number of people providing informal care for family members in North Texas has never been higher.

According to estimates by the National Alliance for Caregiving and American Psychological Association, 65.7 million Americans—nearly 30% of the US adult population—now serve as family caregivers for an ill, disabled, or elderly relative. Over the last five years, the number of people caring for two or more relatives increased from 18% to 24%, and another 7.6-million senior caregivers joined this informal workforce.

The AARP’s new “Caregiving in the U.S. 2020” report largely attributes this surge to the growing care needs of the aging baby boomer cohort. There are now more than 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day, and more than 90% of them plan to age-in-place with the help of dedicated family caregivers.

Informal care demands are increasing in other ways, too. According to the same AARP report, caregivers in 2020 are asked to assist with “greater health and functional needs than was reported by caregivers in 2015.” Therefore, not only are more North Texas families taking on senior care duties, but they are doing so for adult recipients with increasingly complex medical or support needs.

Responding To The Caregiver Crisis In North Texas

In many cases, caregiving can be extremely rewarding, affirming family ties, honoring past service, and saving family resources. But growing bodies of research on caregiver burden show excessive caregiving isn’t healthy, especially when tacked onto existing family and career duties.

According to the Profile of Informal Caregiving in Texas 3.4-million family caregivers now provide day-to-day care for people who are older or who have disabilities in Texas—and as many as 70% of family caregivers experience depression or anxiety.

If you’re among those currently providing care for a loved one in Denton, Southlake, or any of the surrounding areas, it’s important to know:

  • You’re not alone—millions of fellow Texans are facing the same challenges
  • Your feelings are valid—providing 24/7 senior care is not easy
  • Always Best senior services can help—no matter your care needs or budget

How To Find Respite With Always Best Senior Services

“Increasingly, caregivers are recognizing that some services and supports, like respite care, would be helpful to their own situation,” states the AARP’s “Caregiving in the U.S. 2020” report. “But actual use of supports and services remains low.”

Unfortunately, many North Texas caregivers-in-crisis fail to realize that help is available.

Whether you need an hour of respite or the support of a full-time caregiver, Always Best Care has the answer. Though every care plan is customized to the individual’s unique care needs and budget, we always guarantee:

  • Premium senior care services delivered by non-medical care experts
  • Careful caregiver matchmaking to ensure client comfort
  • Pandemic-safe practices, as outlined on the Always Best senior services COVID-19 page
  • Flexible contracts to accommodate any situation or emergency
  • All staff are carefully vetted, background-checked, licensed, bonded, and trained

If we can’t personally assist you with your specific caregiving needs, we’ll find somebody who can in our trusted professional network.

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