6 Ways Non-Medical Senior Care Takes the Stress Out of Long Distance Travel

6 Ways Non-Medical Senior Care in Southlake & Denton Takes the Stress Out of Long Distance Travel

Today’s post runs down 6 ways that Always Best Care Southlake / Denton’s non-medical senior care service can make your aging parent’s next long distance trip easier and more comfortable than ever.

  • Take your custom senior care service on the road. Whatever care your loved one receives as part of their individual senior care plan, they can bring with them on the road. Whether that’s help with the activities of daily living, companionship, or dementia care, we make sure your parents get everything they need for a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable trip.
  • Non-medical senior care workers take the stress out of packing. Between trying to remember every essential item and struggling to make it all fit, packing can be a real headache. And it’s twice as tough if you’re also responsible for your parent’s luggage.But you don’t have to burden yourself or your loved one with any of it. Our non-medical senior care team can assist your parent with organizing travel items, creating helpful checklists, cleaning and laying out clothes for the trip, digging suitcases out of the attic, ensuring all necessary medication is brought, and more.
  • Simplify long-distance travel planning. We can help you organize your calendar and manage your schedule, and we’ll remind your loved one of upcoming events. Some of our clients use their non-medical senior care worker as something approximating a personal assistant and/or secretary.
  • Make long distance travel a little less lonely. Social isolation negatively affects seniors’ mental and physical health. It has been linked to depression, anxiety, hypertension, immune system dysfunction, and more. And while we often think of social isolation as something that happens alone in the home, seniors can still experience it out in public. In fact, it’s quite common to feel very alone in a crowd of strangers, and that’s part and parcel of traveling far from home.Bringing a non-medical senior care companion along for the ride completely eliminates this problem, turning a lonely trek into a fun road trip. Your aging parents will always have a familiar face to keep them company, provide support, assuage any doubts and fears, and advocate for them as they travel. We can also bring games and other road trip activities to keep your loved one entertained. Indeed, almost all of our regular companion care services can be taken on the road.
  • Let us take the wheel. Many North Texas seniors are no longer able to drive safely. So let us take the wheel! Our non-medical senior care team can provide transportation or accompany your loved one on the bus or train.
  • Manage medication on the go. One of the most common times for a medication mixup or oversight is during travel, when your normal routine goes out the window. But our non-medical senior care team makes sure your loved one stays on-schedule and in full compliance with all medication instructions or guidelines.

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