5 Questions to Ask Your Non Medical Home Care Provider During COVID-19

5 Questions to Ask Your Non Medical Home Care Provider During COVID-19

Today’s post reviews the AARP’s “Questions to Ask Your Home Health Aide During the Pandemic,” all of which highlight the value of our pandemic-safe non medical home care services in North Texas.

Covid-19 Danger Yet To Pass In North Texas

Though we have now entered Phase III of the State of Texas’ plan to safely open the economy, which allows businesses to operate up to 50% capacity with minimum standard health protocols in place, the danger of COVID-19 has yet to pass.

Indeed, according to Dr. Daniel J. Morgan, a professor of epidemiology, public health, and infectious disease quoted by the AARP, “we are likely to see more cases” as lockdown restrictions lift. And while testing is better than ever and our hospitals now have the capacity to handle the influx of new cases, senior citizens remain at high-risk of infection.

Understandably, it’s a concerning time for older adults in North Texas who rely on others to provide non medical home care.

“Inviting help into the home at a time when the highly communicable coronavirus continues to spread can be frightening,” states a recent AARP report. “Especially when common in-home care tasks—such as bathing, feeding, and grooming—require close contact that runs afoul of social distancing guidance.”

In the face of these concerns, Always Best Care Southlake offers total peace of mind, thanks to our comprehensive vetting process, COVID-19 screenings, and the anti-pandemic safety protocols outlined on our COVID-19 page. But don’t take our word for it—a July 13th AARP report highlights the value of our non medical home care service during these uncertain times.

Aarp Highlights Non Medical Home Care Excellence During Covid-19

To help consumers choose safe non medical home care providers, the AARP recently published an article titled “Questions to Ask Your Home Health Aide During the Pandemic.” Working through all five, the value of our non medical home care model is clear:

1.   “What care is necessary right now?”

The first step in our non medical home care process is the care consultation, which involves sitting down with your loved ones and any family members involved in their care to determine exactly what support is required, and what support is simply desired. We are not interested in “selling” unnecessary non medical home care—we’ll tell you exactly what’s needed and what’s not, so you can make the best decisions for your loved one’s safety, daily needs, and budget.

2.  “Do you help with telemedicine?”

Telehealth consultations are becoming the new normal, so it’s a good idea to find a non medical home care company that knows how to optimize these appointments. As you may have already read in our blog, our non medical home care team helps North Texas seniors make the most of telehealth during COVID-19.

3.  “Are you or others at the home care agency caring for any COVID-19 positive individuals? If so, will any of these providers or staff be assigned to me?”

No. As per CDC guidelines, any non medical home care workers treating COVID-19-positive seniors are restricted from working with those who are not. This simple separation allows us to provide care for those who need it most, while still protecting North Texas communities.

4.  “What infection control policies are in place?”

Always Best Care follows all CDC infection control guidelines, as outlined on the COVID-19 page.

5.  “Do you have enough personal protective equipment (PPE)?”

Yes! Our team is fully supplied with PPE and compliant with all CDC recommendations.

Free Non Medical Home Care Consultation In North Texas

Call 940-241-2273 or visit our website to book a free consultation and learn more about the COVID-19 safety protocols our non medical home care team has in place to protect North Texas communities.

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