Why Some Seniors Reject Care and How to Help Them

Why Some Seniors Reject Care in San Antonio and How to Help Them

If you’re a child or a loved one of a senior, one of the most frustrating things you can experience is when your parents refuse to accept help. Nobody wants to admit that they need help with something that they used to be able to do on their own, even if it is just a natural part of aging. But some seniors’ antipathy towards accepting care goes beyond even this. Why do some seniors seem to hate the idea of care? And how can younger family and friends help them?

 Aging at Home

Seniors have lived for about seven decades or more and have accomplished a lot in that time. They don’t want to admit that they need help mowing the lawn, let alone going to the bathroom. Especially since admitting that makes them confront the fact that they have far fewer years left on earth than they have lived already. Aging and dying, as natural as they are, are uncomfortable for all of us. So, while for you it might just seem like a simple matter of hiring a healthcare agency to provide homemaker services to help your parents manage their home, for them it could be symbolically very important. And discouraging.

Retaining Independence

There are several great assisted living communities in and around San Antonio. These communities provide a great balance between caregiving and allowing seniors to manage their own lives. But even assisted living is a non-starter for many seniors. The very thought of giving up their homes is awful to many seniors. So how can you help them if you’re their child or a loved one?

Of course you want to help them as much as you can, but there’s a limit on what you can do. If you try to provide all the help your parents need on your own, nobody is going to fair well. Can you really handle doing all of their laundry, as well as vacuuming their house once a week, as well as reminding them to take their medication, as well as helping them get in and out of bed every day, as well as anything else that comes up? Even if you do both live in San Antonio, there’s just no way you can be your parent’s caregiver in addition to all of your own obligations in life. Furthermore, being your parents’ child  doesn’t automatically qualify you to be their caregiver as well. There are many things that professional, bonded, and skills-tested caregivers can do better than you can. That’s why you should consider arranging for them to receive senior home care.

Senior Home Care in San Antonio, Texas

Always Best Care of San Antonio is proud to offer senior home care to seniors living in and around San Antonio. Senior home care involves a caregiver providing seniors with the care and assistance they need to stay in their homes while still living healthy and safe lives. And senior home care is always customized to each client. After all, you don’t want a “one size fits all” package of senior home care services for your parents.

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