Why San Antonio Seniors Should Consider Senior Services

Why San Antonio Seniors Should Consider Senior Services in San Antonio

Always Best Care senior services are all about improving the lives of seniors in any way possible. Some services are of the type you’d expect: helping with mobility and meals, etc. Some other senior services, however, help in some more unexpected and more innovative ways. The Always Best Care senior services of San Antonio have helped many a senior lead a safer, healthier, and more convenient life. If you’re a senior in the San Antonio area, or the loved one of such a senior, here is why you should consider Always Best Care senior services.

Always Best Care of San Antonio

Always Best Care connects seniors to kind, compassionate, and professional caregivers. We help clients manage their daily routines, provide respite care for the holidays, and just generally make seniors’ lives healthier and safer. The care we provide can range from a couple of hours a week all the way to providing access to around the clock care – whatever our clients need.

We are proud to say that all Always Best Care’s caregivers are employees of Always Best Care, not third party contractors. All of our caregivers receive comprehensive and ongoing training. Furthermore, all of our caregivers are bonded, insured, covered by Worker’s Compensation, and have received a criminal background check.

Always Best Care Senior Services

Always Best Care can refer seniors in the San Antonio area to the assisted living communities that best suit their specific needs. Assisted living communities are a type of senior care facility distinct from retirement homes and nursing homes. Retirement homes are more about offering seniors convenient places to live where they needn’t worry about cleaning and yard work, but they don’t typically provide senior care services. Nursing homes, on the other hand, are intended for seniors who are quite limited in their ability to look after themselves. Assisted living communities provide something in between; seniors get all the care and assistance they need while still retaining as much independence as possible.

Always Best Care of San Antonio will inform you of your options and take you on tours of the communities in which you are interested. We can also provide senior services in-home for those seniors who prefer to live in their own homes. Always Best Care’s in-home senior services can boost the mental and emotional health of seniors, manage household chores and errands for seniors, or provide personal care.

Examples of Always Best Care Senior Services in San Antonio

Here are some examples of some specific in-home senior services offered in San Antonio in each of the three categories:

Companionship Services

  • Provide respite care
  • Monitor diet and eating
  • Stimulate mental awareness
  • Mail bills and letters
  • Plan visits, outings and trips
  • Assist with entertaining
  • Answer the door and phone

Home Helper Services

  • Alzheimer’s/dementia care
  • Aid with morning wake-up
  • Assist with evenings and tuck-in
  • Arrange appointments
  • Provide medication reminders
  • Aid with reading
  • Assist with walking
  • Plan, prepare and clean up meals
  • Escort for shopping, errands and appointments
  • Assist with pet care
  • Shop for groceries and supplies
  • Dusting vacuuming and sweeping

Personal Care Services

  • Eating
  • Grooming
  • Dressing
  • Bathing
  • Incontinence/toileting
  • Cognitive impairments
  • Mobility
  • Medication reminders

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