What You Need To Know About In-Home Care In San Antonio, TX

What You Need To Know About In-Home Care In San Antonio, TX

In-home care has the capacity to transform lives and it has helped countless seniors in San Antonio, Texas. But many other seniors don’t know how it can help them. Here’s what you need to know about in-home care.

In-home Care Services Are Customized To The Needs Of Each Individual Client. In-home Care Services Can Help Seniors With A Number Of Different Issues In San Antonio, TX.

We all must clean our homes, wash our clothes, buy groceries, and perform other chores and errands. For most of us, this is merely a bore. For many seniors, however, these chores can be tiring, painful, and sometimes even dangerous. If you have an elderly loved one in San Antonio, Texas, who struggles with these tasks, what should you do? If you’re like most people, your first idea will be to try to help them yourself. If both you and your parent(s) lives in San Antonio and you have a flexible schedule, this might work. Maybe.

But you have your own obligations: professional obligations, familial obligations, social obligations, and others. How much time can you really commit to helping your parents? Furthermore, are you qualified to help your parents? Sure, you know how to dust, vacuum, and buy groceries. But can you be there to prepare every meal for them? Do you know how to properly evaluate their mental state if they develop a neurodegenerative disease? Can you help them use the toilet? Would your parents even want your help with something like that? In most cases, the answer to all these questions is, “no”.

How Does In-home Care Compare To Assisted Living? Can Seniors In San Antonio Get All The Care They Need In-home?

Trying to do it all yourself is impractical. You’ll just exhaust yourself and your parents will receive subpar care. So what’s a better option? Well, there’s assisted living. There are several great assisted living communities in the San Antonio area, but they are not for everyone. For many seniors, it’s more practical, affordable, and preferable to remain in their own homes. But can seniors get all the care they need in their own San Antonio homes?

The answer is, usually, yes. In-home care services provide care equal to that which seniors would receive in assisted living communities. In-home care is a personalized service too, so each client gets just what they need. At Always Best Care of San Antonio, we begin with a free in-home consultation where we will assess your needs and draw up a detailed plan of care. This plan covers which in-home care services we recommend.

In-home Care Looks Different For Everybody. Seniors Living In San Antonio, Tx, Can Choose Which Type Of In-home Care Suits Them Best.

In-home care services can be classified into three different subgroups: companionship services, home helper services, and personal care services. Companionship services are designed to aid the mental health of clients. Home helper services help clients manage their homes. Personal care helps clients take care of themselves by assisting with tasks such as grooming, mobility, using the bathroom, and more.

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