What Are My Assisted Living Options in San Antonio?

What Are My Assisted Living Options in San Antonio, TX?

Sometimes, in order to properly take care of our health, it feels as though we need to sacrifice something. If it’s a case of giving up smoking, eating less potato chips, or not indulging our sweet tooth, we should probably just suck it up and make those sacrifices. But for more serious issues, it sometimes feels like healthcare professionals forget that we are human beings with responsibilities and desires beyond just our health. Doctors and nurses can sometimes think in very narrow and compartmentalized terms, and they often have to; it helps them to remain focussed and objective. But when it comes toe somebody’s entire life, that can be problematic.

This is the dilemma in which many seniors find themselves. Doctors, nurses, caregivers, and/or family may all think that a senior needs X amount of care and assistance, regardless of how that would fit into their lives. And family can sometimes fret over seniors the way overly worried parents do over their young children. But seniors are often fully aware of their situation and can be stifled by all this attention. Many seniors need a healthy middle ground where they can receive the care and assistance they need to live safely and healthily, but still enjoy their agency and make their own decisions. Assisted living aims to provide seniors with just that.

Assisted Living in San Antonio, Texas

There are several great assisted living communities in the San Antonio, Texas, area. Assisted living is just one level of care in the senior living facility continuum, yet it is perhaps the most dynamic and flexible option available. An assisted living community offers more care than does an independent living/retirement community, which often doesn’t play any role in seniors’s healthcare. Having said that, the care at assisted living communities is not as involved or constant as is the care offered at nursing homes.

Even though the staff at assisted living communities are more involved in the lives of their residents than the staff at retirement communities, assisted living communities still prioritize the freedom and independence of their residents. They provide private apartments, restaurants, and sometimes salons, and even theaters on the premises. Some of the services provided by assisted living communities include:

  • Help with personal daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming and hygiene, toileting, and eating.
  • Assistance with household activities incidental to daily life such as housekeeping, shopping, laundry, chores, transportation, and clerical/recordkeeping assistance.
  • Daily meals and snacks.
  • Scheduled social activities determined by client preferences.
  • Help with self-administering medication

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If you would like to learn more about the assisted living options in the San Antonio area, you should contact Always Best Care. Always Best Care of San Antonio can inform you of the assisted living communities in San Antonio and can take you on tours of their facilities. Always Best Care can provide these services free of charge to you because of a referral system that we have with various assisted living communities in the San Antonio area.

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