With experience brings knowledge. With the tens of thousands of families we have helped, our Caregivers and industry experts have collected some valuable information we would like to share with you. The most commonly asked questions are the most important questions and we hope the information below will help deliver a more informed decision when choosing senior care for either yourself or your loved one.

2018 Tips and Suggestions:

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About Always in Touch

Introducing Always in Touch – a complimentary telephone reassurance program that provides companionship to seniors and disabled adults. Always in Touch offers daily check-ins or weekly socialization calls, providing a sense of security that the senior is not alone.

Always in Touch is not a referral service or medical alert service, nor is it a substitute for professional medical advice or for the care that patients receive from their physicians and medical advisors. In the event of a medical emergency, you must call your doctor or 911 immediately.

Who is eligible?

Individuals may refer themselves or be referred by a caregiver, medical professional, family member, or service provider. Always in Touch serves seniors or disabled adults who are homebound, isolated, living alone, or in need of daily contact. This may be temporary while recuperating from an illness or surgery, or it may be a more permanent situation. Married couples who are homebound also are eligible for Always in Touch.

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