The Dos and Don’ts of Senior Care

The Dos and Don'ts of Senior Care in San Antonio

If you are the adult child of senior parents, you’re probably a little bit worried worried about them. This is doubly true if you’ve noticed them slowing down and struggling with daily activities. And triply true if you’ve been told by a medical professional that you should look into hiring professional care for them. But that’s OK; it’s normal to be worried. But nobody ever accomplished anything by worrying, so now it’s time to figure out what is the best way to help your senior parents or elderly loved ones. Here are the dos and don’ts of senior care.

Do: Work as a Team

The most important thing about senior care to remember is that you want to work with your elderly parents or family members, not against them. Many seniors resist the idea of accepting help in the form of senior care. We all like to think we can manage our lives and all our problems on our own, so it can be tough to accept help. It’s even tougher when accepting that help signals that you’re slowing down and are now in the autumn of your years.

There are seniors who have been rendered very ill and limited by a condition and they, unfortunately, cannot make decisions about how to live their lives and whether or not they will accept care. But there are many able-bodied, quite healthy seniors who could still greatly benefit from senior care. But they can’t reap those benefits if they won’t accept help, so you must get on the same page as them.

Don’t: Be Adversarial

As much as you might want your parents to accept senior care and as much as they might resist, you can’t let this turn into a fight. There’s no sense in becoming adversarial about it. Just do your best to explain why you think senior care will benefit your parents. Explain to them the benefits you see.

Do: Explore All Your Options

In 2018, there is no shortage of senior care options. There are both senior care facilities and senior home care. Whether a move to a facility such as an assisted living community makes the most sense for you and your folks, or scheduling house calls from a senior caregiver is the better choice, you have options.

Don’t: Try to Do it All Yourself

Far too many children of senior parents try to manage their parents’ care all by themselves. This is rarely a good idea. If you try to do this you’ll likely be biting off more than you can chew.

Do: Work With a Senior Care Worker

Senior care workers are specially trained and experienced in helping seniors manage their conditions and their lives. With in-home senior care, you can even hire a senior care worker to come provide care in the home of your parents or elderly loved one.

Do: Look into Assisted Living

For some seniors, a move to an assisted living community is better suited to them. Always Best Care of San Antonio can help you and your senior loved ones decide what works best for everybody.

Do: Get in Touch with Always Best Care of San Antonio for a Free Assessment

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