Signs Your Loved One Requires Senior Care

Signs Your Loved One Requires Senior Care

Senior care may not have even crossed your mind. When you see your parents, they seem able to take care of themselves and they also seem to have an active social life. In fact, many seniors want to maintain their independence. However, there comes a time when things become quite worrisome if not downright dangerous. As your parents age, you may notice that daily tasks have become quite challenging for them and that they may be careless about things that once mattered to them. Here are some signs that indicate it is time for your loved ones to consider senior care before you look at your many options in San Antonio, Texas.

They Have Been Getting Into More Accidents.

You may be thinking of a car accident, but most accidents that occur to seniors actually happen inside the home. They may have started a fire because they forgot the stove was on or they may have fallen off a chair as they were trying to reach for something on the top shelf. If your loved ones have been experiencing more minor injuries as a result of daily tasks, senior care ensures that there is someone in the home to help them at all times to prevent these incidents in the future. More importantly, if they do get hurt, you will feel better knowing that someone will be there to provide immediate medical attention.

They Have Chronic Conditions That Seem To Be Getting Worse.

Your loved one may have something as simple as high cholesterol or a more serious injuries such as a broken hip. Either way, these are illnesses that require medication and constant attention. Their condition can be fatal if they miss a few doses and a simple injury can be made worse when performing a strenuous activity. If you find that they keep forgetting to take their medication or that they can no longer think for themselves, senior care can alleviate these concerns. There will always be someone who makes sure they take their medications on time, prepare meals for them, and accompany them to doctor’s appointments.

They No Longer Leave The Home.

When you visit your loved ones and notice that the garbage hasn’t been taken out for a while or that there has been weeks of unopened mail, it could be a sign of a more serious problem. This type of behaviour could indicate depression or more serious conditions such as dementia. Either way, senior care is a great alternative as there are people they can talk to about their concerns and can spend time with them so that they don’t feel alone. Furthermore, there will always be someone who can help them with small tasks, so that they can continue to live in comfort.

There are many services available within senior care. Whether your parents require around the clock care or someone to check on them once a week, senior care involves trained professionals who provide services that help them live the life they desire.


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