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Senior Care 101 - Always Best Care of San Antonio

Do you think you might be in need of senior care? Is there a senior in your life who you think could really benefit from care? Are you worried about it? Anxious? Terrified? Well, don’t be terrified. While the fact that we slow down and tend to encounter more and more health problems as we age is concerning and more than a little annoying, there’s no reason to be terrified. Senior care can help you or your elderly loved one age safely and even in a convenient and, dare we say, enjoyable fashion. But if you don’t know much about senior care, don’t worry. This is Senior Care 101.

Step 1: Work Together

Senior care doesn’t go too well when people don’t work together. There are some seniors who have been rendered very ill and limited by a condition or illness and they, unfortunately, cannot make decisions about how to live their lives and whether or not they will accept care. If you are the adult child of one such senior, it’s up to you to make the decisions. But if your parent is well enough to consider their own care, then they’re going to have their own opinions on senior care. And initially, these might not be favorable opinions.

Nobody likes to ask for help and many seniors refuse to accept that they need care. But the truth is that even able-bodied and relatively healthy seniors can still greatly benefit from senior care. But they won’t reap the benefits of senior care if they won’t accept it, so you must get on the same page as them. Explain why you think senior care is a good idea and hear what they have to say about it.

Step 2: Explore Your Senior Care Options

The first thing you must decide is how you want your senior care delivered: in a senior care facility or in your own home? Whether a move to a facility such as an assisted living community makes the most sense, or scheduling house calls from a senior caregiver is the better choice, you have options. Working with a third party is often the best strategy to make a decision.

Always Best Care of San Antonio can apprise you of all your senior care options. There are many benefits of both assisted living communities and of senior home care. If you opt to go the assisted living community route, Always Best Care of San Antonio can connect you to the assisted living communities of the San Antonio area and take you on tours of the facilities at no charge to you.

Step 3: Learn About Senior Home Care

Senior home care service packages can be categorized into three different groups: personal care, companion care, and housekeeping. Personal care services are probably what you first think of when you think of senior care. Services of this category include help getting in and out of bed, help with toileting, and help with eating. Companionship services focus more on the emotional and mental health of seniors. Home helper services, however, improve seniors’ lives by helping them manage their homes and various errands.

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