Senior Assisted Living: The Facts

Senior Assisted Living: The Facts

Senior assisted living is a form of senior care that has benefitted many. Senior assisted living is available to seniors living in and near San Antonio, Texas. If you’re just getting to learn about your senior care options, or the options available to an elderly loved one living in San Antonio, you might be a little bit confused about senior assisted living. If so, don’t worry. This article will explain what you need to know about senior assisted living.

Senior Care

The term “senior assisted living” has a specific meaning within the context of senior care. Senior assisted living refers to a specific type of senior care. Senior assisted living can only be provided in an assisted living community. While senior care can be provided in a number of different locations, even in the private homes of seniors, senior assisted living refers to the care and assistance administered by the staff of an assisted living community.

Assisted Living Communities in San Antonio

Assisted living communities are only one type of senior care facility. There are other types of senior care facilities and they offer different sets of services. Independent living communities, which are also referred to as retirement homes, are residences for seniors who don’t need personal care provided by the staff. The staff at such facilities take care of landscaping and might provide cleaning services, but that’s usually the extent of it. Nursing homes are on the opposite end of the senior care continuum. The residents of nursing homes often have considerable health concerns and are limited in their ability to take care of themselves. Such seniors need high levels of care.

Assisted living communities occupy a middle ground between these two. The staff at assisted living communities provide care to seniors, but they don’t interfere in the lives of seniors any more than is necessary. Assisted living communities are set up to find the right balance between assistance and autonomy for the seniors who live there. It should also be noted that assisted living communities are not necessarily just for seniors. Younger people who live with disabilities can also benefit from the care provided at assisted living communities.

Senior Assisted Living in San Antonio, TX

Assisted living communities have the ability to appeal to a broader number of seniors in San Antonio. Because retirement homes typically don’t offer any personal care and nursing homes are really only suited to seniors who need a lot of care, any senior who does not fall into one of these two categories of needs is better served by senior assisted living. If you’re a senior who only needs reminders to take your medication or maybe somebody to guide you through a daily exercise routine, then assisted living could be perfect for you. Conversely, if you’re a senior with significant mobility issues and you need assistance getting in and out of bed and your wheelchair, senior assisted living is also appropriate for you.

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