Non-Medical Senior Care in San Antonio, TX

Non-Medical Senior Care in San Antonio, Texas

Aging isn’t easy. It isn’t easy if you’re the one who is aging. And it isn’t easy if it’s your parent or a loved one who is aging. As we age we slow down and tasks that were once easy become challenging, exhausting, and even dangerous. But some seniors are loathe to accept help. Whether they’re struggling with something as simple as carrying all the groceries in or something more serious like going to the bathroom, asking for help is difficult. But non-medical senior care can help.

Seniors and Care

They say pride comes before a fall. Unfortunately, for seniors this can be a literal truth. There are many seniors all over America and right here in San Antonio who refused care or kept putting off until it was too late and they got injured because they tried to do too much themselves. You don’t want this to happen to you or your elderly loved one. But how to avoid it? The first step is to understand the problem.

Seniors are not simply proud for no reason. They’ve experienced a lot and accomplished a lot in seven decades or so of life. Even some toddlers don’t like accepting help so can you imagine how some seniors feel? Many children and loved ones of seniors choose to provide them the care they need themselves. If you both live in San Antonio and your parents only need help with mowing the lawn once a week or help with grocery shopping now and then, that’s fairly doable. But the needs of your senior parents will grow and if you try to provide them with all the care they need yourself you’ll only succeed in exhausting yourself and giving them subpar care. That’s when it’s time to utilize non-medical senior care.

Non-Medical Senior Care

Non-medical senior care is called such because it is provided by caregivers, not by doctors or registered nurses. Doctors and nurses, of course, still have their roles to play, but they cannot possibly carry out all the tasks that are needed by many seniors. That’s where non-medical senior caregivers come in. Caregivers are trained, skilled, and educated on how to best care for seniors who might have one or more of a variety of issues, conditions, or problems. Many of these caregivers have years, even decades, of experience. And they should always be insured, bonded, and have passed a criminal background check.

Non-Medical Senior Care in San Antonio

Non-medical senior care can help seniors age with dignity. Whether it’s helping a senior with an ostomy bag or helping a senior write a letter to their grandchild, non-medical senior caregivers can enhance the lives of seniors in many ways. Non-medical senior care can be provided in senior care facilities or in the private homes of clients. Assisted living communities, specifically, are senior care facilities that offer their residents all the necessary care while still allowing them as much freedom as possible. Non-medical in-home senior care allows seniors to receive care in their own private homes.

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