How to Find Assisted Living for Your Loved One

How to Find Assisted Living for Your Loved One

Your parents have gotten to an age where they need some help to get around. They can no longer move around the way they used to and simple tasks have become challenging. Assisted living is the best option for these situations because they are communities for mobile seniors who require non-medical services. They can retain their independence, yet live their life without an imposed schedule like those of a retirement home. Thankfully in San Antonio, Texas, there are many options. Here are some ways to help you find the right assisted living situation for your loved ones and to narrow down your various options.

Determine Your Budget And Your Loved One’s Needs

Assisted living facilities differ from and within each other. The level of luxury for their living quarters differ and there are specific services that some facilities offer that others don’t. Living arrangements range from a small studio to a vast two bedroom. Where your loved one ends up is determined by what you can afford and what they need to be comfortable in their environment.

Reach Out To Our Network in San Antonio

Many people have had the assisted living conversation with their parents and loved ones. Ask your colleagues, friends, and extended family if they have experience with assisted living and see what their recommendations are. It can be easier to do this rather than an internet search since you have to go through hundreds of reviews, while you can receive a firsthand account from people you already know. If your parents already have an in-home caregiver, he or she may have information to help you find the right living situation for your parents.

Visit Assisted Living Facilities In Person

 Once you have narrowed down your options from your network and personal research, you and your loved one should go to these facilities in person. You can meet the staff and get a firsthand experience of these facilities. There’s a possibility that the facilities don’t look the way they do online or your loved one may change their mind and opt for a different arrangement. This is your loved one’s life and they know what they like, so it’s best that you go through this journey together.

Speak To Staff Members To Ensure They Can  Address Your Loved One’s Needs

Book an appointment with the director of the facility and speak to some of the caregivers during your visit. Ask what non-medical and medical services they provide and what would happen if your parents ever got injured or had an emergency. Every senior has their own medical considerations and personal preferences, so you need to know that they are equipped to handle whatever needs your parents may have.

There are various options within assisted living and it can be difficult to find the one for your parents. Between budget considerations and personal preferences, it can be difficult to find a facility that meets all these needs. However, with an honest discussion you are much closer to finding their new home.

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