4 Ways Non-Medical Home Care Can Change Your Life

Non-medical home care is not exactly new, but it is improved. With the large Baby Boomer generation now entering their senior years, we are seeing a welcome change in senior care. One of these changes is the advancement of non-medical home care. With non-medical home care, seniors can get the assistance and care they require in the comfort of their own homes. A highly trained and skilled care worker (not a doctor or registered nurse) can administer the care required within the client’s home. Here are 4 ways non-medical home care can change your life.

1- You don’t have to go it alone

Focusing on the care itself first, non-medical care can make a senior’s life a great deal easier. Sometimes a senior is forced to get care because of a condition or traumatic incident. They simply need it to function because this condition or incident has made the tasks of daily living too difficult to accomplish on their own. But beyond that, there are many seniors whose lives could be greatly enriched by just having somebody there to help them out. Whether this means helping them take care of their homes, take care of themselves, or take care of their mental and emotional wellbeing, non-medical home care can just make life a whole lot easier.

2- You don’t have to move

Now that you’re convinced of the value of having a non-medical care worker in your life, where do you want to receive these services? In your own home where you’ve lived for years, maybe even decades? Or a new home that consists of perhaps no more than a room in a new facility with hundreds of other seniors? Assisted living facilities and nursing homes in San Antonio can be great and the right fit for many seniors. But if you don’t want to leave your home, why would you? Moving into a nursing home can be demoralizing and even traumatic for some seniors and their families. There’s nothing wrong with a well-run nursing home, but if you’re already facing the challenge of decreased mobility and maybe even a new medical condition, wouldn’t you rather deal with these new issues in the comfort of your own home?

3- Peace of mind

With a non-medical home care worker assisting you, you can rest easy knowing there is somebody to help you. Knowing that you don’t have to take care of yourself and your home all on your own can be a real weight off your shoulders. Furthermore, your family can breathe more easily, as well. They don’t have to constantly worry about how you’re doing because they know you have a non-medical home care worker there to help you out.

4- A penny saved

It’s not as profound as the other points on this list, but hiring a non-medical home care provider is often less expensive than moving into an assisted living facility. 

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