4 Senior Care Services Available in San Antonio

4 Senior Care Services Available in San Antonio, TX

Senior care services make the lives of seniors healthier, safer, more comfortable, more convenient, and just, in a word, better. Senior care services are available to the seniors of San Antonio. But just what are senior care services and which one(s) works best for you and your family?

Basic Senior Care

First, what exactly is senior care? On its face, it’s pretty simple. Senior care is any type of care or assistance offered to seniors. This can mean help getting out of bed, help maintaining mental acuity, help keeping in touch with relatives, help preparing meals, or even just help cleaning the house. All of these are senior care services.

Senior Care Communities in San Antonio, Texas

One place where senior care services are rendered are in senior care facilities. Retirement communities, assisted living communities, and nursing homes are all different types of senior care facilities. Retirement communities are mostly just places for retirees to live and look after their own lives, while the staff looks after housekeeping and landscaping and things of that nature. A nursing home, on the other hand, is for seniors who are much more limited in their capacity to look after themselves.

Assisted living communities are a middle ground between retirement homes and nursing homes. Assisted living communities can provide a wide variety of senior care services, such as help with bathing, grooming, toileting, etc. Nevertheless, they still allow those seniors who are able to, to look after themselves and to run their own lives as much as they can.

In-Home Personal Care Services in San Antonio

Assisted living communities are great, but they all require that seniors move out of their homes. Many seniors don’t want to move out. And seniors in San Antonio don’t have to. There are a number of senior care services that can be provided in-home.

There are several different categories of in-home senior care services offered in San Antonio. The most obvious is personal care. Personal care can be offered in-home to seniors of San Antonio who require help with eating, grooming, getting in and out of beds, wheelchairs, and baths, as well help with toileting and incontinence.

Other In-Home Senior Care Services

Other types of senior care services available to seniors in San Antonio include:

  • Home Helper Services: aimed at seniors who would like assistance in managing their homes. Typical services of this category include laundry, feeding pets, and helping with grocery shopping.
  • Companionship services: designed to help to ward off isolation, loneliness, and depression as well as the health risks associated with them. Services of this type include playing card games, helping seniors keep in touch with family and friends, and good old fashioned conversation.
  • Specialized care services: for seniors who have a particular condition. Whether that condition be Alzheimer’s Disease, ALS, MS, or any number of things, specialized senior home care services connect the families of such seniors with a caregiver who is specially trained in and experience at helping seniors with that specific condition.

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