Transitioning to Assisted Living in Katy: Always Best Care FAQ

Transitioning to Assisted Living in Katy: Always Best Care Frequently Asked Questions

Are you considering moving yourself or a loved one into an assisted living community?

If you’re still in the early stages, today’s beginner primer is for you.

We answer frequently asked questions regarding assisted living, and explain how to find free assisted living referrals in Katy, Texas.

What is Assisted Living?

The Gerontologist journal defines assisted living as “housing the elderly with supportive services in a homelike environment,” with an emphasis on 24-hour (or unscheduled) caretaker availability and high levels of consumer choice and control (Chapin & Dobbs-Kepper, 2001, p. 43-44).

Assisted living in Katy, Texas can take many forms. Some clients want minimal help and maximal independence; others want intensive, round-the-clock support and supervision. Whatever the case may be, ABC SW Houston will help you find the best assisted living options in Katy.

How Do I know if Assisted Living is a Good Option for Me or a Loved One?

Broadly speaking, assisted living is what people choose when they struggle living on their own but do not require medical care. Most often, assisted living end-users suffer from memory disorders, chronic diseases, or mobility issues. Of course, sitting down for a consultation with one of our representatives is the best way to assess your care needs.

Am I too Young for Assisted Living?

Most people think of assisted living communities as old-age homes, but that’s not always the case. Young people ages 31 to 64 make up a considerable portion of our clientele in Katy, Texas, and about 14% of the total nursing home population.

Of course, young adults often have different care and community needs. In addition to having different lifestyles, young people are just like anyone else in that they want to be surrounded by their age group. There are fewer assisted living communities for young adults in Katy, but our team at Always Best Care SW Houston can find you the perfect fit.

Feel free to contact one of our representatives at 281-231-2813 for more information.

How Does ABC SW Houston (Katy) Help?

After conducting an assessment and working with you to determine your needs, budget, and preferences, we develop a shortlist of top assisted living providers in Katy that match this criteria. Then we personally escort you and your family on tours of the assisted living centers you’re interested in. Finally, we help you set up your health insurance to finance your assisted living.

You’re never under any obligation, and if you’re not happy with our shortlist, we’ll go back to the drawing board.

What Does an Assisted Living Referral Cost?

Since we are compensated by the assisted living partners to whom you’re referred, ABC SW Houston offers this service for free.

How Do I Contact Always Best Care offices in Katy, Texas?

As we’ve mentioned previously, you can give us a call at 281-231-2813 for more help exploring your assisted living options in Katy.

Alternately, you can get started online with a virtual consultation. Just tell us whose care you’re looking to arrange, and an Always Best Care representative will message you to chat about your assisted living needs.

And if you’d like to drop into our offices in person, full details can be found on our website.


Chapin, R., & Dobbs-Kepper, D. (2001). Aging in place in assisted living: Philosophy versus policy. The Gerontologist, 41(1), 43-50.


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