Stop Holiday Scammers with Senior Home Care in Texas

Stop Holiday Scammers with Senior Home Care in Texas

Tis the season for holiday swindlers, but your loved one needn’t be their next victim.

Incorporate the following scam prevention tips effortlessly with senior home care in Texas, or implement them yourself:

  • Monitor social media. In 2020, you might have noticed that much of online marketing is switching to a “platform-focused” approach, wherein advertisers reach out to audiences on the “Big Five” social media platforms. Now it seems that scammers are following suit, according to a report by the Better Business Bureau feature on the South Texas 3News website.“Say you get an invite on Facebook like the Secret Santa Gift Exchange,” writes Jason Meza of the Better Business Bureau. “They’ll ask you to provide your name, phone number, email, and the names of 10 other people that you think might want to participate.”

    All you need to do is send a $10 gift card for a “secret sister,” and you’ll get dozens in return. Sounds fun, but not so fast–that’s a pyramid scam!

    Meza says scammers are getting more creative with their stories and outreach tactics every day, so the best way for senior home care providers to prevent scams is to frequently monitor social media use.

    If your friends, family, or career get in the way of your staking out social media scammers, tag our senior home care team into the good fight! We offer social media and internet monitoring as part of our regular care services, making it easy to place barriers between your loved one and online predators.

  • Vet charities before your big holiday donation. Tuesday, December 3rd was “Giving Tuesday” in Katy, Texas and throughout the United States. Approximately 30% of all charitable giving occurs between #Giving Tuesday (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving) and New Year’s Eve, according to AARP reports. Unfortunately, many well meaning seniors ended up handing money to scammers while trying to participate in this surge of goodwill. To avoid getting scammed on your next charitable donation, the Better Business Bureau recommends avoiding on-the-spot donation decisions; being wary of emotional appeals; steering clear of charities that don’t disclose; and requesting standards-based evaluations of all charities.Whether your loved one needs help doing their online research or speaking up when something looks wrong, our senior home care team can help.
  • Watch out for holiday travel scams. Going home for the holidays can be tricky enough without having to worry about spoof booking sites and email offers designed to draw you in and steal your information. Our senior home care team can help your loved one spot travel scams, while also assisting with your holiday travel planning and transportation.
  • Examine gift cards closely at point of purchase. Holiday gift cards are great, but their popularity makes them big targets for holiday scammers. Before you commit to your purchase, look for signs of tampering. Scammers may access gift card PIN codes and drain their money values once they’re activated. Make sure the gift card packaging looks pristine.When in doubt, send your senior home care team to pick up your gift cards for you. They’ll examine them closely at the point of purchase and you get to eliminate a time consuming outing from your holiday to-do list!

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