Simplifying Medication Management With Senior Caregivers

Simplifying Medication Management With Senior Caregivers

Mom or dad’s daily drug regimen could be doing more harm than good. Today’s post explains how senior caregivers help keep them safe from the risks of medication mismanagement and “polypharmacy.”

Senior Caregivers Improve Medication Management At Home

With senior caregivers watching out for your loved one, you never have to worry about medication mismanagement. Our team is trained to monitor your loved one’s medication use to ensure that all directions are being followed, and that no “banned substances” (e.g. alcohol or prohibited medications) are taken in conjunction with their medicine. We also provide medication reminders so that you don’t have to, and we can always help your loved one fill prescriptions as needed, so there’s never a risk of running out. And in the event that there is a negative interaction between medications, we’ll be standing by to provide immediate support.

Senior Caregivers Improve Patient/Practitioner Relations

Plenty of instances of medication mismanagement occur as a result of poor patient/practitioner relations. Many SW Houston (Katy) seniors don’t speak with their physician anywhere near enough, often due to transportation barriers or mobility concerns. These weak relationships allow for vital diagnoses and polypharmacy errors to slip through the cracks.

For instance, in a January 2020 article by the AARP, author Rachel Nania describes the experience of a SW Houston senior who was taking more than 20 prescription medications a day to manage his chronic illnesses. After a few visits to a geriatrician (a doctor who specializes in the treatment of seniors), that list got cut down to only 8! Imagine taking 12 medications you did not need. That’s a reality for many SW Houston seniors who don’t talk to their doctors enough to know better.

Our senior caregivers make it easy to maintain a strong patient/practitioner relationship. We can provide reminders for when check-ups are needed, book appointments for your loved one, and provide transportation to and from the office. Some clients even request that we sit in on the appointment to help capture all the important details, which is totally fine!

Senior Caregivers Provide An Extra Pair Of Eyes And Ears

As mentioned above, some clients ask that our senior caregivers accompany them to appointments, sitting in during their consultations with doctors just like a friend or family member might. This is included as part of every care plan, and it’s a good thing to take advantage of because it effectively gives your loved one an extra pair of eyes and ears to pick up important instructions, such as whether or not to take medication with food.

Of course, we also provide an extra pair of eyes and ears at home to help catch any potential medication management errors before they spiral out of control. That means monitoring your loved one’s medication use and making sure they follow the doctor’s orders “to the letter”!

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