Simplify Senior Visits to Stay Connected with In Home Care

Simplify Senior Visits to Stay Connected with In Home Care in Katy

Staying connected with seniors and making the time for frequent visits is one of the keys to healthy aging.

Regular visits benefit your loved one by:

  • Detering elder abuse. Elder abuse can be physical, financial, emotional, sexual, or physiological. Most often, it takes the form of caregiver neglect. A new report by the National Council on Aging reveals that approximately 1 in 10 Texas seniors have experienced some form of elder abuse. Some estimates range as high as 5 million elders who are abused each year.Every visit is a chance to spot signs of elder abuse and intervene. Look for unexplained bruises, cuts, burns, or other injuries. Assess whether your loved one is acting withdrawn, frightened, or depressed. Take note of any unusual banking behavior, mentions of new “friends,” missing financial statements or legal documents, and any notices for unpaid bills.The more you drop in, the less of a target your loved one becomes, and the greater your chances of spotting the signs.
  • Advocating for their health, safety, and comfort. Seniors visits give you an opportunity to evaluate your loved one’s primary care environment. Are they still happy and healthy with the current arrangement? Are their care needs changing? Are they getting along with their caregiver or roommate?
  • Keeping seniors emotionally engaged. Nearly 30% of Texas seniors live alone, which puts them at high risk of social isolation. A visit from loved ones can be good for everyone, keeping hearts full and warding off feelings of depression, loneliness, and stress.

But senior visits aren’t always easy to coordinate, especially if your loved one is incapable of traveling, scheduling, or hosting on their own.

With that in mind, today’s post runs down 4 ways our in home care service can help you simplify senior visits and get more facetime with the ones you love.

Simplifying Senior Visits With in Home Care Services

Here’s a few tips to stay connected with your loved one, get more facetime, and generally make the most of your senior visits:

  • Make the most of senior visits with behind-the-scenes support. Senior visits are precious, so don’t waste your family time handling basic care needs. Let our in home care specialists handle your loved one’s care, so you can focus on memory-making.
  • Let us focus on the logistics. Planning senior visits can be tough, but our in home care team can help. Since we offer full support with scheduling and organization as part of our regular in home care service, and act as reliable points of contact between you and your loved one, we’re perfectly positioned to help you schedule this visit. And if your loved one is coming to you, leave the logistics to us–we provide full transportation and escort, which means you never have to worry about your loved one forgetting important items or medication, catching the right bus, or lacking support on the road.
  • Leverage modern technology. Picking up the phone is a great start, but new video chat programs like FaceTime and Skype take long-range social interactions to new heights, allowing you see your loved one’s face in real time.Many seniors find it daunting to learn how to operate these new devices and programs, but our in home care team can help. Simply tell us a time that works for you, and we’ll help your loved one get set up on their device, so they can focus 100% of their attention on family time instead of tech troubleshooting!
  • Bringing your senior loved one to you (or meeting them halfway). Sometimes it’s easier to bring your aging parent to the family, rather than dragging the entire clan across the country. Setting a halfway point can also make regular visits easier, since both parties only have to handle a fraction of the usual drive. The “halfway point” option also opens up some opportunities to explore new cities and places as a family.If your loved one cannot drive themselves, our in home care team has them covered! We offer full transportation and escort to family events. We can also help find fun locations and activities for “halfway point” meetups.

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