Keeping Texas Families Close with Non Medical In Home Care

Keeping Texas Families Close with Non Medical In Home Care in Katy

Nearly 50% of informal senior caregivers report symptoms of caregiver burden, which has been identified as a major source of family conflict for adults over age 40.

But at Always Best Care SW Houston, we believe that your parent’s aging and senior care needs shouldn’t have to drive a wedge in your family.

Today’s post runs down 4 ways that our non medical in home care team keeps families close, even when the senior care burden seems insurmountable.

Keeping Families Conflict Free

When the time comes to care for our aging parents, we’d all like to think that splitting up responsibilities would be as simple as having a civil conversation with those closest to us.

But divvying up care responsibilities remains a common source of conflict for families in Katy, Texas and abroad. Some family members may not want to be involved, while others will. Siblings will often disagree about their parents’ care needs, the division of labor, and the demands of their own careers. And yes, it even happens to close knit families; the pressures to balance family, work, and caregiving duties is enough to overwhelm anyone.

More often than not, one family member takes up most of the non medical in home care duties. Research shows that the care burden often falls on the daughter, whether she has the means to take on the role of primary caregiver or not.

When care duties aren’t shared, caregiver burden sets in, and people start to point fingers and lose patience.

Choosing a non medical in home care service makes this major pain point disappear. Whether you need to supplement the family caregiving schedule or want to leave all care duties to the pros, we can help. With our help, every family member can contribute exactly what they want, without ever feeling burdened or compromising on care quality.

Getting the Whole Family on The Same Page

Care miscommunications are another common source of family conflict. Simple misunderstandings can leave your parent without support for a few critical hours or even lead to dangerous medication mishaps. And even when they cause no harm, miscommunications can be frustrating and scary.

We help families get on the same page during our group care consultation, and we keep them on the same page by acting as reliable points of contact, making sure relevant care information is shared, and assisting with scheduling.

Staying Up to Date With Remote Non Medical In Home Care

If you’re trying to coordinate long-distance care for a loved one in Katy, Texas, you already know how stressful it can be. Without knowledge of the local area, regular visits with parents, and face time with their doctors, it can be hard to manage their care from afar. But with the help of our non medical in home care team, you’ll feel like you’re right there with them. We keep you updated with regular care reports, provide a valuable second opinion if your loved one gets dramatic or too proud to admit they need help, and always pick up the phone when you call.

Bringing Families Together (literally!)

Don’t forget that we literally bring families together, which has to be the best way to keep your clan close! If you’ve got a big family gathering planned outside the city, our non medical in home care team can help them plan and pack, then we’ll drive them there ourselves, offering whatever support they need along the way.

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